Conservative Icon Andrew Breitbart Dies, But His Famous Scandals Will Live Forever

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Andrew BreitbartBig shocker out of the news community today. Andrew Breitbart has died at just 43 of apparent natural causes. What, you haven't heard of him? Trust me, you've heard of his work -- and not just because he's the guy who called Senator Ted Kennedy a "pile of human excrement" when the liberal lion died.

He was a conservative who helped Arianna Huffington launch The Huffington Post way back when she was still a Republican (remember those days?). And the publisher of six -- count 'em, six -- news sites, including two that bear his name ( and, has played a role in the news itself. His networks have produced some huge political stories in recent years, the kind of thing that's brought down Congressmen and major social reform groups alike. So what did he do that affected your life?

1. Took Out ACORN -- The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now officially folded in 2010 for a variety of reasons, but it was Breitbart's decision to run heavily edited videos made by activist James O'Keefe to damage the organization that turned the national attention toward the activist group.

2. Gave Shirley Sherrod, Georgia State Director of Rural Development for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), a major headache on a national scale -- Remember the woman fired by the federal government back in 2010 for video of her making some scandalous statements during an NAACP fundraising dinner ... only to have everyone from the president on down begging her forgiveness when it turned out the videos had been heavily edited and her comments taken out of context? Those edited videos just happened to have been published by Breitbart, landing him in legal hot water when Sherrod later filed a defamation lawsuit -- which is still going through the courts, by the way.

3. Brought down Congressman Anthony Weiner -- When Breitbart's first broke the story that the respected Democrat from New York City had Tweeted a photograph of his crotch to a woman who was not his wife, people were taking it with big grains of salt. He was a conservative who wasn't exactly known for being kind to liberals, and Weiner was spinning a good story about a hacker sneaking into his social media account. Only it turned out Breitbart was right all along: the Congressman known for championing women's causes was, in fact, responsible for the crotch shot. It didn't take long before the aptly named Weiner was out of a job.

These are just three of the major moves Breitbart played a role in. I can't say I agreed with him most of the time, but they're certainly evidence that he had a significant effect on American lives. And dying at just 43 is a tragedy any way you spell it.

Were you a Breitbart fan?


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bills... billsfan1104

And I bet you and your liberal friend are jumping for joy and laughing and enjoying this.

tinyp... tinypossum

Good grief bills, do you not read the articles at all before you post a comment? I didn't agree with much the man said, either and what he did to Shirley Sherrod was down right dispicable, but I don't "jump for joy" at anyone's untimely death. Whoever he was in his public persona, he was a person with a family and loved ones and I am sympathetic to their loss. Maybe you should spend some time examining your own heart. 

Torra... TorranceMom

Andrew Breitbart was a fearless patriot and he will be missed in the conservative community.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

I agree with tinypossum completely. Politics aside, its a sad day for his family and children and everyone who loved him. So don't worry... No one will call him "human excrement" as his family mourns for him. His passing hopefully was the end of that hateful, untimely language.

zandh... zandhmom2

He did good work concerning Acorn and Anthony Weiner. 

pezch... pezcharlotte

Billsfan, seriously???? Everything you say is a complaint. I do not agree with a lot that he did or said but I would never wish death on him or be jumping up for joy and I am a liberal.  I really think that if you have so many issues with the Stir which you obviously do you should just stop reading.

texas... texasmamma777

RIP, Andrew Breitbart, and may God bless your widow, your 4 young children, and your other loved ones.

I wish Andrew had expressed himself with more restraint upon Kennedy's death, however, the sad fact is that Mary Jo Kopechne (nor her deceased, heart-broken parents -- she was their only child) had a chance to comment at all. 

The "liberal lion" Kennedy left her drowned & dead in a car underwater overnight while he was sleeping off a hangover.  The "liberal lion" also distinguished himself years later with the notorious "waitress sandwich" and uncounted more debauched, sexist escapades.

The Left looks up to people like "Uncle Ted", and tears down Andrew Breitbart, a devoted husband and father.

texas... texasmamma777

"it was Breitbart's decision to run heavily edited* videos made by activist James O'Keefe to damage the organization that turned the national attention toward the activist group."

And it was Congress's decision to defund ACORN, based on the pioneering work and results of the investigations of Breitbart & O'Keefe.

The House voted 345-75 and the Senate voted 85-11 to strike ACORN funding, saving us taxpayers millions of dollars previously routed to a corrupt organization (unfortunately, it's risen again in other forms w/different names).  Both House & Senate at the time were Democrat majority.

Pesky little facts that many on the Left will either ignore or attempt to sweep under the rug.

*"heavily edited" is a subjective analysis.  There were hours of video because the sting operation occurred in several different ACORN office locations across the country.  The unedited full videos have always been available to the public & can be seen @ O'Keefe's website

texas... texasmamma777

Autumnleaves: "No one will call him "human excrement""

It's actually much more vile & disturbing than that, Autumn, and Breitbart never even killed a young girl on the threshold of her life.  The Lefty blogosphere & Twitter have been filled all day with such an outpouring of unadulterated hate, it's pretty stunning, even in our currently charged political atmosphere.  However, it certainly proves that Andrew was right about the liberal mind-set/way of thinking.

Breitbart knew the Left hates in life just as they hate in death. Even post-mortem, they're still playing right into his hands.  Liberals celebrate death, whether it's a culture warrior like Breitbart or abortion.  Remember:  liberals want conservatives to shut up; conservatives want liberals to keep talking because of the way they reveal themselves & their motives.  Today many on the Left made nastier and more hateful comments about Breitbart than they'll ever make about Islamic terrorists, for instance, or a "liberal lion" who left a girl to drown to save his own hide.

As if any more proof of Breitbart's effectiveness is needed, the deranged glee that's being expressed by most of them over his death should be plenty.

texas... texasmamma777

"what he did to Shirley Sherrod was down right dispicable"

The mainstream media still gets this story wrong.  Contrary to much of the reporting about him today, Breitbart did not falsely represent Shirley Sherrod

Instead of doing some actual reporting on this, what liberals have done instead is blamed Breitbart for their own rash behavior. The NAACP, which hosted the event at which Sherrod spoke, had the opportunity to read his description of her recanting of racism and also had the actual full tape of her remarks, rushed to condemn Sherrod's initial racism.

Later, it reversed course and began bashing Breitbart. Ditto the Obama Administration which forced her to resign without paying attention to her confession and reversal.

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