Rick Santorum's Higher Education 'Snob' Comment Should Make America Cringe (VIDEO)

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rick santorumI -- along with the majority of Americans (hopefully) -- keep wondering when Rick Santorum will make such a fool of himself that his supporters will fiiiiiinally see that the wannabe-emperor wears no clothes. It could have been when we heard that he considers birth control "dangerous" and thinks sex should only occur within a marriage to procreate. But it wasn't. This past weekend, the guy dissed higher education ... Could that have been the final straw?

One would think/hope so! In case you missed it, Santorum was speaking to more than a thousand activists at the American for Prosperity forum in Troy, Michigan. He said, "Not all folks are gifted in the same way. Some people have incredible gifts with their hands. President Obama once said he wants everybody in America to go to college. What a snob.” Words that, while widely lampooned since Saturday, Santorum said he still stands by. Ooookay.

He's still convinced that colleges are "indoctrination mills" and are somehow brainwashing kids to become leftist "big government"-loving drones. Rrrright. Because placing a premium on education is such an elitist concept. Not like it might be the key to actually qualifying young people for a variety of career tracks and helping boost employment numbers or anything like that!

And to make it seem as though President Obama doesn't understand or respect that not everyone is meant to attend a "traditional," four-year liberal arts college or university is ludicrous. Clarifying his stance yesterday, Obama told the National Governors Association:

I'm not only talking about four-year degrees. I’m also talking about going to community college to get a degree for a manufacturing job where you have to walk through the door to handle a million-dollar piece of equipment.

While clarification is helpful to those who might have been confused by Santorum's twisting of the President's values, it's also just plain sad that Obama has to waste his time reiterating something like this. It should go without saying that higher education in all its forms is a priority to Americans. Especially when you look at countries like China and India that are beating us -- whether or not we (or especially the GOP) like to hear that, it's the truth -- in the global economy, because they emphasize lifelong learning.

The bottom-line is this: Santorum's extreme stances on copious issues -- from sexuality to education -- defy logic and just boggle the mind. But maybe he's onto at least one thing: Getting Americans to "dumb it down" might be the only way for a guy like this to get elected!

Here's Jon Stewart's brilliant riff on the whole thing at around 4:57 ...


Can you believe this guy?

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bills... billsfan1104


lga1965 lga1965

I agree nonemember.....Obama mentioned trade schools, community colleges and sai "At least ONE year" of education beyond high school.....The idea that people keep harping on a Four Year Degree ( and oh what a sin that is...imagine getting a 4 year degree and having a meaningful career after gaduation.,..shame on them LOL  )and ignore the entire message just reveals their stubborn refusal to listen to the President. 

 Education is not easy and it is expenesive but so worth it. I speak from experience. I didn't finish college. I told my kids I made a huge mistake by not graduating. They all have 4 year degrees and one has her Masters....they are successful. They see the world through educated eyes,( not through the undereducated narrow,limited, biased eyes, )  and I am so proud of them.

Santorum is a biased and prejudiced man....and yet he has a degree...he is a Lawyer---so what the hell is he saying? How can he belittle college educations and accuse the President of thinking like a SNOB? Its just crazy! Crazy man.

nonmember avatar Nikki

@Billsfan, I agree with Moni. Just say what you really want to say about Obama. You wouldn't vote for him because, YES we know, He's BLACK!!!!!! You let Bush run us into the ground every year while he played on his golf course and bought a football field while we were losing jobs! Since Obama suggested that we better ourselves and our kids with the option to get an education, you think he's a horrible president. Do you even know how the presidency works? The House has the last say on what goes and doesn't go. So if you think he did a horrible job these last four years, then maybe you should vote for better people in the House of Representatives. Like Moni said, just say you don't like him and get over yourself.

nonmember avatar Moni

Nicely put lga1965!! I think it is crazy that people would be against a higher education, especially mothers... President Obama has been talked about since day one, but this is by far the most ridiculous argument of them all. How far will people stoop when they have nothing else to call him on. In my opinion, the president has done the best he can to follow through with what he has promised. And I believe it will take more than 4 years to undo the damaged that was done before his term. Billsfan, I might have misdirected the democrat comment to you, but the rest was spot on. You are a mother and you are against your children bettering themselves, SMH... I never said you couldn't have a different opinion, but when you do, let it be a smart one so it is justified...

nonmember avatar Nikki

And by the way, I learned all of that IN COLLEGE... I am such a snob!!!

bills... billsfan1104

Moni, where the hell did I say I didnt want better for my girls?? I never ever said that. I jsut pointed out, that not everyone is made out for school. My daughter is one of them. She is going to choose to go to a trade school or community college and try it out for a couple of years. She likes to learn hands on, because it is easier for her, because she has some brain damage for all her seizures. So you know what?? You can kiss my mother fricking ass. I love my children with all my being and want the best for them. And that includes supporting them if they choose to go a different route than school.

bills... billsfan1104

Nikki, again I have said several times I do not like the man, and will never ever vote for him. And its not because he is black. that is your hangup. I do not like him, because he has run this country to the ground, he has apologized to rouge countries and pussified us, he sponsered a bill for infanticied, and he spends our tax dollars for his social programs. I have said this several times. Not my problem that you cant read and you have to regergitate what someone else says, because you cant think for yourself.

bills... billsfan1104

And another thing for all of you who think that people have to have an education to survive. My cousin graduated from high school only. He now owns a successful tent business, work his ass off, and was businessman of the year. He is one of the most hard working men I know, and most loving. He would do anything for anyone. I would dare you to call him uneducated, because I bet he would wipe the floor with all you "snobs".

nonmember avatar Moni

Like I said, nothing that comes out of your mouth makes sense. I agree that college is not for everyone and you mentioned that your daughter is one of them, but in the same sentence you said she is going to a trade school or a community college, what a crap load of contradictions. I'm seriously trying to understand where you're coming but you make it hard. This whole thing came about because Santorum says Obama is a snob for encouraging Americans to go back to school, not only did he mention 4 year colleges, he talked about trade and vocational schools. It is your right to disagree but why bash him for suggesting it? It's not to say your less than, its just an option because some jobs are now demanding more than a high school diploma. You say Obama pussified us, why because he tried to create peace amongst other countries? The candidates who are running against him are going to make us look like idiots. Where are your comments on them or are you for whatever they say as long as its not Obama?? So sad...

nonmember avatar TJ

Moni, you ask how far will people stoop. I know it's a rhetorical question, but I would still like to answer it: low enough that they can stick their head up their @$$.

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