Rick Santorum's Higher Education 'Snob' Comment Should Make America Cringe (VIDEO)

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rick santorumI -- along with the majority of Americans (hopefully) -- keep wondering when Rick Santorum will make such a fool of himself that his supporters will fiiiiiinally see that the wannabe-emperor wears no clothes. It could have been when we heard that he considers birth control "dangerous" and thinks sex should only occur within a marriage to procreate. But it wasn't. This past weekend, the guy dissed higher education ... Could that have been the final straw?

One would think/hope so! In case you missed it, Santorum was speaking to more than a thousand activists at the American for Prosperity forum in Troy, Michigan. He said, "Not all folks are gifted in the same way. Some people have incredible gifts with their hands. President Obama once said he wants everybody in America to go to college. What a snob.” Words that, while widely lampooned since Saturday, Santorum said he still stands by. Ooookay.

He's still convinced that colleges are "indoctrination mills" and are somehow brainwashing kids to become leftist "big government"-loving drones. Rrrright. Because placing a premium on education is such an elitist concept. Not like it might be the key to actually qualifying young people for a variety of career tracks and helping boost employment numbers or anything like that!

And to make it seem as though President Obama doesn't understand or respect that not everyone is meant to attend a "traditional," four-year liberal arts college or university is ludicrous. Clarifying his stance yesterday, Obama told the National Governors Association:

I'm not only talking about four-year degrees. I’m also talking about going to community college to get a degree for a manufacturing job where you have to walk through the door to handle a million-dollar piece of equipment.

While clarification is helpful to those who might have been confused by Santorum's twisting of the President's values, it's also just plain sad that Obama has to waste his time reiterating something like this. It should go without saying that higher education in all its forms is a priority to Americans. Especially when you look at countries like China and India that are beating us -- whether or not we (or especially the GOP) like to hear that, it's the truth -- in the global economy, because they emphasize lifelong learning.

The bottom-line is this: Santorum's extreme stances on copious issues -- from sexuality to education -- defy logic and just boggle the mind. But maybe he's onto at least one thing: Getting Americans to "dumb it down" might be the only way for a guy like this to get elected!

Here's Jon Stewart's brilliant riff on the whole thing at around 4:57 ...


Can you believe this guy?

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Marjc... Marjchaos

If you are counting on ignorance to get you voted into office while twisting our government into a Theocracy then higher education should be villified and done away with ASAP.

Procr... Procrastamom

You're right.  The Republicans don't want an educated population.  An educated voter can see past the fear and lies that the Repubs are famous for spreading, and vote with both his brain and his heart.  I really, really want to see this clown win the nomination for the Right, though.  I can't wait to see Obama stomp him in a debate!

orang... orangetree

I what college Santorum went to? Seems to me HE'S the elitist if he has his degree but think the rest of us don't need our degree.

bills... billsfan1104

Not everyone was meant for college. My daughter doesnt want to go. But she is going to get a trade to help support herself. School jsut wasnt for her. Car mechanics, Restaurant managers, hairdresser, and this is to name a few, dont have to go for long periods of time for school, and they can make great money. Sure they have to have training or some schooling. Not everyone can afford college either. So what is wrong with that??

Procr... Procrastamom

@billsfan1104 - isn't that exactly what Obama said?  "It should go without saying that higher education in all its forms is a priority to Americans."  Higher education in all its forms means both college and "training or some schooling" which is required for almost every career that someone wants to persue.  Your daughter will be taking some schooling along with her trades training, right?  I work with trades and they typically work for 9 months of the year and go to school (local trades college) for 3 months.  They do that for four years until they get their Journeyman certificate (they earn a hell of a lot of money too!  Good for your daughter for persuing that).  I think Rick Santorum twisted what the President said.

nonmember avatar Shannon

I guess Rick isn't thinking of schools like Liberty University or BYU when he insists all colleges are out to turn people into atheists. It is difficult these days to make enough money to support a family without some kind of education after high school, including trade school. Is it snobby to want people to be able to get a good-paying job?

lana581 lana581

I taught for 30 years and let me tell you, not everyone is suited for college. Also, college isn't necessary for some to succeed. Steve Jobs and Michael Dell come to mind. Both were so brilliant and so far ahead of the pack in their field that college just may have slowed them down by several years and changed their destinies. I am also grateful that some still become plumbers and electricians (my great-uncle was both) and he too was far ahead of the pack in his day. Some go to flight school, pursue acting careers or serve in the military. The plethora of college degrees today, only detracts from their meanings. This is especially true when you consider that most college campuses have to offer remedial classes for the ignoramuses attending them. Give me a man any day who can do something over 10 that can talk about it. All Obama has done is talk...and ride Air Force 1 around the world pledging away our American dollars and bowing to foreign dignitaries! You'd think he and Michelle were travel agents. I don't think he needed Harvard to be a whatever it was he called himself in Chicago or to be a travel agent.  Guess what?  I am a Democrat who will be voting Republican!

tinyp... tinypossum

Santorum wants to be president of America circa 1812 not 2012. He's a relic of another time and if  you dopes elect him you should dig out great, great, great granny's hoopskirt, kick off your shoes and start popping out the babies. 

nonmember avatar Tj

For those commenting without watching the video clip, please, STFU. Plumbers, electricians, automotive mechanics, midwives, doulas, massage therapists, etc. may not need a college degree, but do need some type of vocational or 2-year college education. The apprenticeship of yesteryear has turned into the vocational schooling of today. Get a clue people.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Thank you, Iana... this topic came up this morning in a private conversation. I am sadly shocked by the number of emails I receive from "professionals" - people who have bachelor's degrees in one field or another (and some in education, which is doubly frightening) - who have not mastered the basics of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. These people, products of our current "everybody goes to college!" atmosphere, do not know the difference between "to, too, and two". They cannot tell you when to use "their" instead of "there". A bachelor's degree today is the equivalent of a high school diploma when I was in school. We're heading toward the days where it is no better than an 8th grade education.

College is not for everybody, and that is the push that's going on now. People are discouraged from the "trades", even though one of the most prosperous times in our country happened when most of the population had a high school diploma or less.

And I know plenty of people who work "million dollar pieces of equipment" who never went to a minute of school beyond high school. They are some of the most well-spoken and professional people I know. And they are farmers, machinists, and home builders - they grew up in the "trade" and learned at the knees of other professionals.

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