More Media Matters Drama: CEO David Brock Needs to Step Down

media mattersMedia Matters for America (MMFA) has quite a bit of drama going on for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Earlier this month, The Daily Caller exposed erratic behavior by the conservative media watchdog group, as well as their close coordination with Barack Obama’s White House. So much for nonprofits remaining nonpartisan.

The latest drama involves CEO David Brock, his ex-domestic partner William Grey, and the $850,000 in blackmail money that Brock paid Grey to keep him from blabbing to the media about MMFA’s supposedly shady practices. 

According to leaked emails between the two parties, Grey threatened to go public with Brock’s “financial malfeasance” as the CEO of MMFA after Brock refused to give back $170,000 worth of possessions that Grey claimed belonged to him. Grey demanded that Brock give him $850,000, or he would "release specific derogatory information about [Brock] and his organization to the press and donors that would be embarrassing to him and cause harm to the organization ..."

Brock paid Grey, but later filed his own suit against him for over $4 million, claiming that he had only paid the sum “under duress.” The estranged lovers settled two months ago under confidential terms. 

Here’s a question: Why would David Brock pay $850,000 to William Grey over $170,000 worth of possessions unless he had something to hide? It seems to me that if Brock had nothing to hide about MMFA, he’d tell Grey to buzz off. If there’s nothing to expose, there’s no reason to pay money to keep it covered up.

MMFA is a nonprofit organization, and therefore entitled to certain benefits under the law. With all of the recent evidence coming to light that their practices might not all be aboveboard, why are no steps being taken to rescind their 501(c)(3) status until it is proven that they are in full compliance with the law?

At the very least, David Brock needs to step down as CEO of the company. All of the controversy seems to be centralized around him. If MMFA is legit, why isn’t Brock stepping down, or at least taking a leave of absence until all of this can be figured out? Aren’t liberals supposed to be all about ‘taking one for the team’? Isn’t that why they want to tax rich people more? In order to help those less fortunate than themselves?

There are too many allegations against David Brock to justify his continued presence as the head of MMFA. Either he needs to step down or the company needs to make him. Companies that enjoy nonprofit status have certain standards to uphold, and MMFA is failing miserably.  


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bills... billsfan1104

Can you blog about how the Obama administration sent out a video to black churches to "get out the vote".

Michelle Fowler

yes billsfan1104, that is right, someone needs to do some writing about it...and media matters is NOT "conservative media watchdog group"  far from it, the writer needs to do a little research before posting about these groups. 

tinyp... tinypossum

This is another article about nothing. 

bills... billsfan1104

Michelle, Media matters is a democrat rag that its purpose is to take down any conservative pundit, channel that lean rights(aka Fox news), and so forth. Their mission is to destroy anyone that doesnt agree with liberal thinking.

nonmember avatar Wick

Of course none of this is true - except the part about furniture. To paraphrase Allen Iverson "we're talkin" The rest is pure Fox News Fantasy linking a furniture dispute to Media Matters. Oh, and they were not/are not Lovers...

Bruce Majors

David Brock's next husband after William Grey just broke up with him. If you want your $850,000 in palimony he has a dating ad up on He is advertising for white men only.

butte... butterflymkm

I'm just loling at your statement that non profits are supposed to be non partisan. There are plenty of conservative non profits. I don't think any of them should have tax exempt status. They are clearly not a charity (like feeding America) and there are too many biased ones to count, on both sides. Perhaps truly non biased news sources such as Nat Geo and Consumer Reports deserve tax free status but even then I'm on the fence about it and my mil worked for Nat Geo for 18 years as a cartographer.

butte... butterflymkm

Billsfan-do you have a link to that? And further more plenty of organizations and churches encourage people to vote. Even MTV encourages young people to get out and vote. That's a good thing. I want people to vote, even if they aren't voting for my guy, and I think if you don't vote you really have no right to bitch about things. Also, what is a 'black' church exactly? A church where the majority of it's members is black? Or where the minister is black? Do they not allow people of any other race to come or become members? Do you have an example of that? I thought church was just church, regardless of the skin color of the people who attend. I mean I know back in the day they had 'colored' churches and 'white' churches but this is 2012.

butte... butterflymkm

Quote by the former head of the IRS non profit division:

"Owens emphasized that there is nothing in the IRS rules that prohibits tax-exempt educational nonprofits from attacking specific companies or from zeroing in on one company — as long as there is no private benefit to that company’s competitor — so Media Matters’s increasing focus on Fox News over the past few years does not trigger a violation."

What they have done and are doing is not illegal or breaking tax code. If you don't like it, work to change tax law and the definitions of non-profits.

texas... texasmamma777

"He is advertising for white men only"

Majority of liberals are not-so-closeted bigots.  

For only one example, just look at Democrats' domestic policy agenda:  racism, pure & simple -- policies designed to perpepuate lives of dependency on government, effectively "keepin' 'em on the plantation"; plans to strip those living the welfare life of their sense of self-worth and self-reliance.

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