George Huguely Guilty Verdict Won't Bring Yeardley Love Back (VIDEO)

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george huguelyThe verdict is in: George Huguely has been convicted of second-degree murder in the beating death of his ex-girlfriend, 22-year-old Yeardley Love. The murder charge carries a possible sentence of 5 to 40 years; Huguely was also convicted of grand larceny for stealing Love's computer (possible sentence of up to 20 years).

Hopefully the fact that Huguely was found guilty offers some measure of comfort to Love's famiy and friends, particularly her mother Sharon and sister Lexie, whose testimonies were beyond heartbreaking. But I wonder if they feel like justice has truly been served. A minimum of five years? For a man with a history of violence against the woman he finally killed?

I suppose if Yeardley Love was my sister or daughter, no amount of prison time would ever make me feel like justice had been served. There is no compensation for such a tremendous loss. But what kind of message does Huguely's sentence send? Murder your girlfriend in a "drunken rage" and go to prison for five years ... well, that doesn't sound so bad.

It's possible, even likely, that George Huguely will still be a relatively young man when he gets out of prison. He'll still have many years of life ahead, years of potential and experience and unlimited chances. Yeardley Love's life is over. George Huguely stole those years away from his girlfriend. Justice? I don't know if it's possible, really.

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What kind of sentence would you give George Huguely for the murder of Yeardsley Love?


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jessi... jessicasmom1

Very sad , that a beautiful girl was killed , and this one gets to stay behind bars for some years ... when can there be Justice?

tis.u... tis.unnatural

Wait, he could possibly get more jail time for stealing her computer than for beating her to death?There is so much wrong with our justice system. Sickening.

Kritika Kritika

You can get 50 years for illegally downloading music and 20 years for rape. It's a sad, sad world we live in.

Melis... Melissa042807

Given his history of violence I would've preferred to hear "first-degree" attached to that murder conviction. It would suck to be the jury in this situation, feeling that a first-degree conviction would be true justice, but not being able to hand it out because of a few stupid details we can't clarify because of the lack of witnesses. 

kitsu... kitsune_krystel

Well, on the upside, he's kind of a pretty boy. He'll get eaten alive in prison, probably subjected to the same kind of violence (on a whole 'nother level) that he inflicted on Yeardley.

CPN322 CPN322

Life in prison seems most appropriate.

nonmember avatar christina

Wow he could possibly receive more time for theft than a murder? Now that's balanced. I think 40-life sounds about right.

nonmember avatar horace

1. attempts to choke her
2, writes after he shoudl have killed her
3. has to be pulled off of her at a party trying to choke her
4. attacksa sleeping roomate as he thinks guy kissed her
5. tried to kill a policewoman screaming ill kill you
6. not drunk jurors say he write severl emails after butchering yeardley that were not the work of a drunk man
7. put his fott thru her door after he awakes a sleeping yeardly and she says youc nat come in shes terrifed
8 bashes in her brains so badly they are scrambled
8. brask her pink fingers leaves her drwoning face down in her own blood after throwing her liek a wet doll onto her bed and then covering up his bloodwork with her comfroter to further smother her
9. lies to hsi roomates
10 lies to the police
11. and the jury fights over whether thsi killing is intentional???????????????and one juror glomski feels sorry for him?
A SOCIOPATH ? should be locked away forever

Yeardley tried to leave him adn todl him she had slept with someoen so maybe he wousdl stop stalking her
and peopel wonder why abused women dont leave their husbands ? becasue THEY KILL THEIR WIVES WHEN THEY LEAVE
its open season on women in america

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