Drunk Woman Hands Over Car Keys to Boyfriend & Faces 30 Years in Prison for It!

Erin Brown
She probably thought she was doing the right thing. When 21-year-old Erin Brown was too wasted to drive her Toyota Scion home after a night out on the town, she gave the keys to her boyfriend, Trevor Bradshaw. Which would’ve been a responsible decision, except he was drunk too — and ended up hitting and killing two pedestrians as he swerved through the streets of Nashville. That’s tragic in and of itself.

But prosecutors are now dusting off a rarely used law to charge Brown with vehicular homicide right along with her man, citing that anyone who knowingly hands over their keys to an intoxicated person is just as liable for any damages as the individual behind the wheel. Now she’s facing 30 years in jail because she wasn’t astute enough in her drunkenness to realize that her boo was too tipsy to drive. 

So what we’re basically saying here is that it was up to Brown to discern how far gone Bradshaw was rather than it being up to him to admit that he was too stewed to play chauffeur. Under that line of thinking, it must be a mugging victim’s fault for wearing a super snazzy handbag and tempting a renegade thief to steal it.   

The sad fallout from their bad decision-making means two young men are now dead: Michael Brooksher, 22, and Tommy Allen, 23. The best friends both suffered injuries that killed them shortly after they were plowed down at 2:30 in the morning back in December. If the D.A.’s office has its way, this incident will also claim the lives of two more young people, with Brown and Bradshaw serving three decades behind bars, which puts them darn near in their golden years by the time they get out if they serve full sentences.

I’m not saying break out the violins and sad movie music for either of them, especially him. How many high school health classes and bad after school specials does someone have sit through before they get the message that driving drunk, bad; calling taxi, good? But I do think that, barring any idiotic new developments that confirm she was well aware of how inebriated her man actually was, prosecutors are trying — unnecessarily — to make an example out of her.

There are a lot of laws on the books that we all could be slapped with and long suffering because of. In New Jersey, cabbage can't be sold on Sunday, and in Missouri, a man must have a permit to shave. Yet we’re footloose and fancy-free when it comes to those rules. My point is, there are oodles of stupid, silly, downright foolish regulations that we don’t honor or observe. Why crank up this one?

Is Brown just as accountable as her boyfriend for the deaths?

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nonmember avatar Anon

Why? Because there are two people dead, that's why. She knew she was too drunk to drive so she apparently still had some kind of sense. She had to know he was drunk too. They must have been together at least some of the time that night so she must have known he was drinking too. No sympathy here for drunk drivers, especially when they kill innocent people.

the4m... the4mutts

Idk, that's a tough one. Can you blame a drunk man for sexualy assaulting a more drunk woman? Law says that if a person is too drunk to concent, then its assault at best, rape at worst.

If you can blame the drunk fornicator, and not his victim, then this man can be held accountable for not speaking up about being too drunk. She tried to be responsible, he failed her by not helping her in that endeavor.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

This is not blaming a victim for having a snazzy handbag. It's blaming someone for handing someone a gun when they say they're in a homicidal rage. If she knew she shouldn't be driving then she knew that he shouldn't be driving either so giving the him the keys makes her culpable. Slamming her with a full thirty years seems extreme because she was an accessory and didn't actually commit the crime herself but I'm all for charging her with something.

zraunt zraunt

If they were drinking together she knew he was drunk too. She should be charged. Bad decision to get shit faced without bringing a designated driver or catching a cab. At least they have a chance at a life can't say the same for the victims.

nonmember avatar B

Unfortunately yes, that is the law and she should be held responsible too. Sadly I can say though that I somewhat understand the lapse in judgement. The last time my husband and I were out and drinking I handed the keys to him because I thought that he was capable to drive and I felt that I was too drunk. What happened? He ended up with a dui and when the officers breathalized me I ended up being under the legal limit. Lesson learned and we haven't had a single alcoholic drink outside our home since. It's unfortunate that her lesson had to end with two losing their lives. Bars are unnecessary, if you choose to drink PLEASE stay home.

Amara Delano

Just because they were together does not mean she realized he was drunk. I know it takes very little for me to get drunk, however my husband can drink all night and he doesn't seem the slightest bit intoxicated. Thankfully he does not drive though. Anyhow, I don't think it is reasonable to make her serve thirty years.

nikki... nikki32230

That's a tough one but if she was drunk enough to know she couldn't drive then there's a good chance she was too drunk to be able to tell how drunk he was. He should have admitted to needing to call a taxi... I think it is more his fault than hers, not to say she is completely with out blame.... It's kind of a tough call...

suziejax suziejax

so sad

alrea... alreadydidthis

Its hard because 2 ppl died but maybe she was too drunk to noticed but like pp said she was drinking with him she knew she was drunk she couldnt tell he was?

ashja ashja

The victims here are the dead people and their families, not two stupid drunks. Drunk drivers always make it sound like EVERYONE drinks and EVERYONE gets drunk, and it just isn't true. Getting drunk in and of itself is a stupid and selfish and immature act. They shuold both be put away.

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