BYU Student Scolded for Her ‘Inappropriate’ Outfit Gets the Last Laugh

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BYUOh, BYU, here we go again. So, you know how Brigham Young University's Idaho campus put the kibosh on skinny jeans a few months ago, because they're too ... tight? Well, now the outfit of a flowered knee-length dress, black leggings, boots, and a cardigan is being deemed too provocative, also. Ironically, though, not by the school itself, but by a male student who wrote a female student a completely offensive, totally out of line note. You're dying to know what it said, aren't you?

Here's what was handed to Brittany Molina by a male student:

You may want to consider that what you're wearing has a negative effect on men (and women) around you. Many people come to this university because they feel safe, morally as well as physically, here. They expect others to abide by the Honor Code that we all agreed on. Please consider your commitment to the Honor Code (which you agreed to) when dressing each day. Thank you.

Holy sancti-mony! This note is amazingly condescending and rude. Especially since what Brittany was wearing wasn't provocative or risque in the slightest. Aside from her face and neck, she was completely covered up. What did this guy want her to do, wear a ski mask? If her outfit doesn't make this dude feel safe -- morally or physically -- well, he ought to reevaluate ever leaving his house. It's a big, scary world out there!

I get that BYU is a private institution and the fact of the matter is they can instill whatever rules and dress codes they want. But. When it comes to dress codes, things are twice as annoying and frustrating for women. And not just because tee-hee, girls like clothes!, because women are viewed as sexual objects and virtually anything they wear can be construed as "inappropriate" (see above).

I'm glad that Brittany didn't feel offended by the ridiculous note she got. I'm happy she mockingly posted it to Twitter (and that everyone seems to agree with her). Because the only thing worse than this silly little letter would have been if it skewed her sense of right and wrong. 'Cause she did nothing wrong.

Do you think what Brittany is wearing could be categorized as "unsafe"?


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caito caito

Lmfao. Of course not. I consider that modest, actually. Although it's hard to tell without a pic of the outfit.

But those BYU kids take that honor code deadly serious. They're taught that other people's clothing is an invitation to sexual thoughts and stuff. All that wonderful patriarchal quiverful upbringing and all.

Zyva Zyva

Well the link that she tossed has a picture of it. All of my aunts and uncles on my dad's side went to BYU and they all had more scandalous clothing. I am not sure how that outfit could be considered unsafe, perhaps it if was snowing and the boots had no traction :P 

Kritika Kritika

Sounds like he's projecting his supressed sexual arousal on her.

Runne... Runnergirl6

This reminds me of an incident that happened while I was attending a religious college. We had to make class presentations and were evaluated by our peers. One boy wrote that I dressed extremely provocatively and he found it hard to concentrate on my presentation because he was distracted by the length of my dress. Besides the fact that my dress was almost to my knees, I presented from behind a solid wood podium. I still have no idea how legs you can't see are distracting. 

wdenise wdenise

The BYU Honor code states that dresses and skirts must come to the knee, regardless if the woman is wearing leggings, tights, or whatever. Even though I do NOT agree with the man who wrote this note, technically, she was breaking the Honor Code. I personally think her outfit was more modest than some of the other outfits I've seen around campus. It's too bad that people get caught up in the letter of the law instead of following the spirit of the law.

Melis... Melissa042807

Stories like this piss me off because I was in an atmosphere like that once - we girls were expected to be covered from neck to knee, and were punished for any violation of the dress code by having to wear a skirt for a month. The guys, on the other hand, could run around shirtless outside in public and were even encouraged to do so! The double-standard in those kinds of situations pisses me off. 

Mrs.D... Mrs.Duncan85

This is the problem I have with this part of the Honor Code. How about something of the line of you can't look at something and not be turned on, it's YOUR issue. If you don't want to have said issue, seek treatment. It's your responsiblity to protect your thoughts, not everyone elses.

Zamaria Zamaria

I guess it would be unsafe if she was going to be around machinery which could possibly catch the dress and pull her into some gears or something. Or maybe the boots would be unsafe if she was participating in some type of sporting event. Ummmmm. No. She's more decent than most college kids I see.

Maevelyn Maevelyn

I worry that this boy is some kind of weirdo. Honestly who feels possessed to comment on an outfit like that? He didn't say anything one on one he wrote a note and ran away. He's prob a creeper and future serial killer seriously think about it. He obviously objectifies women and blames them that he can't control his attraction (an attraction that apparently makes him feel uncomfortable.) I wouldn't want my daughter on the same campus as him and I'm not even kidding.

navyw... navywife0204

Oh, this guy sounds like a wife abuser in the making...

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