Rick Santorum's War on Birth Control Is Political Suicide (VIDEO)

rick santorum caffeinated thoughtsHold the phone! Rick Santorum may have just committed political suicide. I know, I know, the guy keeps winning primaries, and as recently as yesterday, reports said he was beating Mitt (what the hell?!), but the latest news on the GOP presidential candidate is being called his "October Surprise." Although, after you read/see it, you will most likely thank GOODNESS we're not as far along as October, and he is not yet the actual GOP candidate with a true shot at the White House.

We already knew Rick Santorum pretty much hates progress/gay people/women's rights, but did you know if he was president, he'd like to turn the clock back to the Dark Ages, aka pre-1960, before birth control? Interview footage from this past October shows the candidate saying that as chief executive, he would confront the "dangers of contraception." (Dun dun daaaaah.) Oh, and that's not all ...


He goes on to say that religious groups that are OK with it are "not OK, because it's a license to do things in the sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be. They're supposed to be within marriage, for purposes that are, yes, conjugal ... but also procreative." Gasp! Wait, you mean, every time we have sex, we should be doing it with the intention of getting pregnant? What century or planet is this man living on?!?

Obviously, there are crazy people conservatives who support Santorum's rhetoric so far, but to assert that birth control in general is "not OK" and to say people shouldn't have sex out of wedlock or for pleasure is so beyond insane and, furthermore, so completely "counter" to what the majority of Americans believe and practice. (And for comparison's sake, check out what Romney has had to say on the topic recently: "Contraception. It’s working just fine. Just leave it alone." Yuuuup. I think his new slogan should be "Sanity: It's a good thing to have when running for POTUS.")

Seriously -- 99 percent of women aged 15 to 44 have used contraceptives, and only 8 percent of voters view it as morally wrong. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I am pretty darn sure you need more than 8 percent of voters to see eye-to-eye with you on something as big and kooky as this. In other words, I do believe Ricky Boy has his shot himself in the foot! Bhahahah.

Here's the video proof of Santorum expressing his horrifying ideas, the scariest beginning at around 17:55 ...

Do you agree with Rick Santorum's thoughts on birth control?

Image via CaffThoughts/YouTube

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