Can We Please Stop Pretending Media Matters Is a Legitimate News Source?


media mattersOn Sunday night, The Daily Caller published a piece exposing Media Matters for America (MMFA) as the hypocritical, liberal rag that it is.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being biased. What is wrong is being biased, and then pretending not to be.

From MMFA’s very own website: 

Media Matters for America is a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.

Say what now? Is there really, in America, a nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is to combat the views of one particular political party? I’ve done a lot of work for ‘conservative’ nonprofits, and let me tell you that there are lawyers galore involved to make sure that nothing representing the company is blatantly right or left winged. 

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I’ve seen the struggle from inside, to share information without conforming to one party or another, yet the rules don’t seem to apply to MMFA. The very first paragraph in their ‘about’ section openly states that their purpose to fight conservative lies. 

There is nothing wrong with starting a watchdog company to monitor politics. There is nothing wrong with the first amendment, which guarantees the right to free speech. How amazing is it to live in a country where we can speak our minds without fear of governmental retribution?

However, there is something very wrong when such a company is entitled to the special benefits provided by being a 501(c)(3). 

MMFA is a conspicuously liberal organization with a goal of shutting up those that disagree with them. This is a group that meets regularly with the Obama White House, feeds talking points to the mainstream media, and threatens reporters that refuse to report upon their half-truths. 

This is an organization that says supporters of the second amendment are paranoid, yet their leader makes sure his bodyguard packs heat. Who’s paranoid now?

I’m completely ok with MMFA existing – I don’t agree with anything they have to say, but in the spirit of the free press, they’re welcome to say it. But they are not a legitimate news source with unbiased material, and they certainly don’t satisfy the requirements to file as a nonprofit organization. 

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Whitn... WhitneySM

100% agree.

nonmember avatar Jenny

Wow, this article is so not appropriate for this site.

guita... guitarmom1

Thank you for reporting this. I was aware of it but so many are not.


texas... texasmamma777

Thanks, Jenny Erikson. So much that is going on is never reported. This is how they keep the average American misinformed.

Saerise Saerise

I'm so glad someone else said it, and for the person who says it isn't appropriate, there are plenty of left winger articles posted on this site, so get over it. Moms should be concerned with politics as it affects our lives and the future of our children.

texas... texasmamma777

Obama's new budget proposal is out, complete with massive tax increases. Thank goodness we have Media Matters & their co-horts to parrot obama's line that it's really a "savings plan". ROFL!

Thank you, Media Matters -- however would I have known what to think unless you told me?

Nils Montan

Er, as opposed to Fox "News" for example?

Iframos1 Iframos1

I agree that this article is not appropriate for the site. I am disappointed. I could get into all the reasons the writer is wrong, and is herself hypocritical, but this is not the place to get into these divisive, polarizing debates. The article pretends to be about tax issues, but is an obviously open invitation for moms to bash each other's political beliefs. Are you next going to criticize my religious beliefs? For those who want to argue politics, there are PLENTY of sites for your mudslinging. Please don't ruin this site for busy moms seeking camaraderie with other moms. Sure, we can discuss and disagree on lots of issues, but politics and religion are topics that, if debated here, will destroy the allure of this site.

Bendana Bendana

Given that Jenny has ONLY ever printed her conservative view I'm gonna pass.

easun... easunshine

As usual, some of the readers are taking this much too seriously. There's nothing inappropriate about this. The author's OPINION is stated clearly and respectfully. It's not even written in a manner to invite political debate. Geez people, cut the cord on the auto-defense. Woosah

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