Occupiers Invade CPAC & Show How Different They Are From the Tea Party

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occupy CPACConservatives from around the country have congregated in Washington, D.C. this week for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). It’s an opportunity to hear some great speakers on the topic of conservatism, get a chance to shake the hands of presidential candidates, and meet and greet other political activists.

Of course, these days, wherever conservatives gather, there’s sure to be a crowd of unwashed hipsters there to beat drums and protest capitalism because it’s way no fair that anyone should have to actually work for a living.

On Friday evening, a couple hundred Occupiers set up camp outside the Marriott (where the event is being held) to taunt us conference-goers. “We are the ninety-nine percent,” they shouted at people just trying to make their way back to their hotel. “We want the same things you do!” 

Unless they want them to take a shower and get a job too, no, we don’t want the same things.

The Occupy protests have been compared to the Tea Party movement, but the two things have little in common. I’ve participated in the latter, and have witnessed the former, and the only thing they have in common is the fact that there are people there. 

The first thing you’ll notice is the difference in the law enforcement present at the two rallies. Tea Party events have the stray cop or two, milling around just in case anyone gets a little too rowdy. They usually end up being really helpful in directing traffic or giving directions. Occupy events have a multitude of cops – in riot gear. They are helpful in keeping the peace.

The attendants are a little bit different too. Tea Partiers represent a broad cross-section of American demographics. Grandparents, babies, blacks, whites, men, women … you name it, they’re there. Go over to Zuccotti Park, and you’ll find a majority of white kids under the age of 30. 

Their goals are different. The Tea Parties are gatherings of people that want to share ideas on how to get the government off the back of business so that we can get America to work again. The Occupiers hate the police, but want the government to pay all their bills. I wonder if anyone’s told them that the government sent the police.

The Tea Party has been demonized in the media. Occupy Wall Street has been praised by President Obama

They are not the same thing. As online conservative activist said in a speech at CPAC as the Occupiers swarmed outside, “There are two paths … one is America, the other one is Occupy.”

Image via Glyn Lowe Photos/Flickr

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nonmember avatar tumbleweed

I do know that I understand what the Tea Party activists want. Not that I agree. But I understand. I dont really get the Occupy people. What are they looking for? I cant get a clear agenda.


I love her articles. They are the only reason I haven't completely stopped reading this site.

nonmember avatar Rebecca

About demographics: the study you linked to said that 49%—or slightly LESS than half of the occupiers—were under thirty. And the article didn't mention anything about the race of the occupiers. Also, do you have anything to back up your claim that the Tea Party represents a "cross section" of American society?

Preta... PretaniVirago

^^personal observation it sounds like.^^

nonmember avatar Graciesmom

I agree with Rebecca. This is yet another example of this writers use of "facts." I really wonder what reality she lives in to think the the Tea Party represents a cross section of America. Too funny. That being said I certainly don't think the Occupy does. However, I think it is hilarious that the picture she chose to use shows very few white kids under 30. Because ya know, old guys and black people are pretty much exactly the same as young hippies.

meng3 meng3

Thanks for this article. About time something other than liberal gibberish showed up here.

nonmember avatar Mme. Garlic

What a load of thoughtless swill. I think she just scribbles down everything that she has heard other people say. I was half-expecting to her a rim shot and a laugh track at the end of every paragraph.

Christian Bruzzese

You're right. I get about 15 job offers a week. And I decline each one because I want to live off the unemployment you rich conservatives allow me to have. I'm just dirty hippie scum. 

hotic... hoticedcoffee

The Occupy-ers are still taking up space? I haven't heard about them on the news lately, so I figured they had all scurried back to their parents' basements for the winter.  At least they are probably less 'fragrant' now, what with the cooler temperatures. The 'we are the 99%' thing cracks me up.  My best guess is they mean 99% of the losers within a 100 mile radius.


Jespren Jespren

It's nice to have an occassional conservative (sane) political article from the Stir. I actually link jumped from your name and read some of your other articles and blogs.

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