The Government Is Spying on You -- Right Now

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cameraNothing seems to be private anymore. Google street view, red light cameras, cell phones with built in video cameras … You better watch your behavior, because it’s very possible that someone is watching. 

Thanks to the PATRIOT Act, the government can secretly spy on us, without a warrant. They can check our records, spy on us, find out what library books we’ve checked out, and peruse our browser history, in order to find information on possible terrorist attacks.

There has been quite a bit of debate on the proper role of government in the surveillance of citizens. Is it necessary for our protection, or was Ben Franklin right when he said, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”?

Right or wrong, surveillance is about to be kicked up a notch. President Obama is expected to sign the FAA Reauthorization Act next month, which would allow the Federal Aviation Administration to “develop regulations for the testing and licensing of commercial drones by 2015.”

Drones are unmanned aircraft with video cameras that spy on bad people to try to find out what kinds of bad things they’re up to. We send tons of them to Afghanistan to gather intelligence on al Queda terrorists. We use them to monitor the borders, which is weird since we’re sending guns to the Mexican drug cartels with taxpayer money anyway, so why bother watching the borders?

Currently, the FAA issues certificates to the police and other government agencies licensing them to fly drones over the United States for specific missions, but they won’t disclose which agencies they are or their purposes.

Given that information, I’m inclined to applaud the development of commercial drones. The technology is already there, and it’s already being used to spy on citizens that the government believes to be a threat to national security. Why should the government have the exclusive right to fly drones?

Besides, the economy still sucks, and this opens up a whole new market for the aircraft systems industry. Think of all the jobs that will be created building, selling, flying, and repairing these things!

Privacy has changed. Cameras are everywhere, catching us running red lights, filming congressmen assaulting students, and taking down ACORN and NPR. If you don’t want to get caught doing bad things, don’t do bad things.


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fraoch fraoch

If you don’t want to get caught doing bad things, don’t do bad things.

^^^ Says it all

nonmember avatar S

Who cares? Im not doing anything I'm ashamed our embarrassed of. In fact I'm probably boring to spy on.....

PonyC... PonyChaser

What??? You're ok with the government watching every move you make?

"If I'm not doing anything wrong I have nothing to hide," is the same mentality that led us to the TSA debacle. Now everyone that wants to board a plane is given the choice between a potentially invasive "pat down" or being shot full of radiation.

Ben Franklin was right. If you're willing to give up your freedom for "safety" then you deserve neither.

texas... texasmamma777

If the Empty-Suit-in-Chief manages to get re-elected this will be only the tip of the iceberg. I'm sure to be on a "special" list right now for daring to refer to His Ineptness as an "empty suit" -- ROFL.

Americans should be aware that Obama has put up a website where you can report your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. for saying anything derogatory about the guy.

Orwell had it right.

Check out, my fellow Americans -- it's hilarious (and kinda' scary).

the4m... the4mutts

Thank you Ponychaser.

This is nonsense! The government has no right to spy on me, for any reason.

I may never even speed, run stop signs, or anything even remotely criminal. But DAMN! Its my life, my private life. Its all our private lives. They don't have any reason to intrude on the public "just in case" someone does something bad.

nonmember avatar NavyWife

I don't agree with them being able to watch every move I make, but I'm married to the military so I'm sure they're already watching me. They must be really bored, lol.

Caera Caera

It's simple really: If you don't do illegal shit, you have nothing to worry about. It's not like becoming a criminal happens by accident.

nonmember avatar AI

I find it odd that people are jumping only on Obama about this. I don't agree with many things he's done, but I find it laughable that he gets pegged as Big Brother when good ol' GWB signed the PATRIOT Act into law. There isn't always just one person to blame for these things in our "land if the free". If we're going to use Orwellian comparisons, at least admit that our Big Brother is comprised of all parties in the federal government.

crick... cricketzz

Ponychaser.i was just getting ready to say the same thing. @fraoch "anyone willing to give up liberty for security, deserves neither liberty nor security." I think there are good people out there that believe the way fraoch believes, this time last year I had posted on facebook about how i didnt understand what everyones problem with the patriot act was.... someone simply left that quote on my post and it changed my life. After that I started studying Jefferson, Adams, Franklin ect. and I know now more than ever how important Liberty truely is.

Procr... Procrastamom

Woo, I just picked myself up from fainting after reading PonyChaser's comment and actually agreeing with her for once.  Great comment and great quote.

@texasmamma -- if you really believe that Barrack Obama himself put that website up, then I have a coupon to send you for a free roll of tin foil.  You're gonna need a bigger hat, Girl.

And finally, to Jenny Erikson:  Could you for once please be honest with yourself and us?  The Patriot Act was enacted by George W. Bush about 10 years ago.  You may remember him better as Shrub or The Liar...either works.  I know, learning is hard and so is math, but Obama didn't become President until 2008 and couldn't possibly be responsible for the original Patriot Act.  Please quit blaming him for everything that is wrong with your life.

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