Man's 'Skeletonized' Body Found in Foreclosed Home 4 Years After Death

abandoned homeHow does a dead man's body go unnoticed for four years? And I'm not talking about a murder victim whose remains were hidden or obscured, or even some poor homeless soul whose existence was already pretty much anonymous. I'm talking about a 41-year-old man who committed suicide in his own home.

I guess it's because David Carter went out of his way to make sure he would die utterly alone that his body went unnoticed for the next four years, until his home became one of the many in this country to be repossessed due to tax foreclosure.

It was then that an unsuspecting real estate agent made the most shocking discovery of his life ...


Forty-one-year-old David Carter's "nearly skeletonized body" on the second floor of his home. A Smith & Wesson 9-mm. handgun was found lying on his chest; an autopsy later determined a gunshot to the head as the cause of his death.

His friends remember him now as smart, generous, and funny. But if Carter knew how much people really cared about him, would he have told everyone he was moving from his home in Wisconsin to New Mexico ... only to make sure no one came looking for him when he killed himself?

Apparently Carter was extremely upset over a recent breakup and the fact that he wasn't able to see his daughter as a result.

Who, ironically, will likely inherit the sum of her father's estate -- the contents of his home. (No word yet on her whereabouts or age.)

And Carter would have turned 45 on the day the real estate agent found his remains.

Can you see how something like this could happen without anyone knowing?


Image via Lee Cannon/Flickr

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