Clint Eastwood Chrysler Super Bowl Ad Sells a Nonexistent Fantasy (VIDEO)

Clint Eastwood's politics have always been a subject of scrutiny. As the non-partisan mayor of Carmel, California, the actor seemed to lean more Republican, but in his Chrysler ad that aired February 5 during the Super Bowl, many Republicans took it as a show of support for President Obama.

"It's halftime America," Eastwood said in the ad that aired during the Super Bowl. He went on to talk about the strength of our great nation and how we have come together in the past. He talked about Detroit and how they have come back and how the whole of the US should be able to do the same.

His message was powerful and beautiful, but it was pure fantasy, much like his movies. The America we live in is far, far too broken to be repaired and the Republicans only proved that with their anger. See below:

The fact is, in this country, we are so divided, so red state and blue state, that the likelihood that we will ever "come together" again has likely flown the coop.

The reaction to this commercial has been a point in favor of this theory, too. Rather than appreciating it for its message and the beauty of that message (since when is "togetherness" a partisan message?), Republican strategist Karl Rove is already crying foul, saying that the ad was clearly supporting Obama.

Sure, one could see it that way. But one could also see it as a message we need to be hearing. The US is so divided. We have class divisions and social divisions and political divisions and all sides admit this. After all, would there be talk of what "real America" is if people actually thought we were pulling together as a nation?

Eastwood could have easily been talking about football and the state of our country right now rather than about Obama. So who made it a partisan message? Eastwood or Rove? I say the latter. 

The commercial served as a good metaphor anyway given the fact that the team who was on top during halftime was not the team who ultimately won. Anyone can triumph. That's the message, right?

So why are the Republicans reading more into it? Are they right? Maybe they are. But their reaction only proves the split. Oh how I wish we lived in a world where it was as simple as coming together in the hard times. But it's not.

Eastwood is an amazing actor and he is adept at selling a fantasy. But this fantasy just doesn't fly in the real world. We are at halftime, but these two teams (the Republicans and the Democrats) are never going to work together. They are going to fight it out to the bitter end.

Were you moved by the commercial?


Image via Ashtanga2000/YouTube

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bills... billsfan1104

Its not just Republicans. Mika on morning Joe hated it and the message. Said it was "tired". And she is not Republican at all.

DebaLa DebaLa

Overanalyzed!! It was just a feel-good for the codgers and nostalgics out there. And a few hopefuls who can appreciate art without drowning in some 'message.'

KenneMaw KenneMaw

DebaLa - you are right - totally overanalyzed.  I think the 2 parties are really only divided in DC and the political blogsphere.  I think 90% of this country could careless about red or blue, Dem or Rep. We want that since of pride back, we all want the American dream.  Is that a fantasy?  maybe.  By it was the fantasy of millions of immigrants and American's BEFORE our slack ass generation who made this country the most powerful and admired in the world.   Americans need to grow a back bone and figure this economy out and the new world we live in instead of griping and whining anonomously on the web.   The ad was just trying to stir feelings of American pride and I love that fantasy.

KenneMaw KenneMaw

One more comment - by calling his 'speech' a fantasy, well that is just like saying this country will never be on top, we will never dig out of this quagmire.    Now, that is truly sad.   If we can't believe in the dream and make it real, then we really are in worse trouble than imagined.

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