JFK Affair Details Are Juicy But Had Nothing to Do With His Political Career

mimi alford's book once upon a secretAlthough almost 50 years have passed since he was assassinated, our nation's fascination with JFK lives on and, in some ways, is as intense as ever. Get ready for a whole new influx of curiosity about the 35th POTUS, because a woman named Mimi Alford who was his 19-year-old intern in 1962 is publishing a tell-all about their affair called Once Upon a Secret: My Affair With President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath. And the details are, well ... let me just say to use the word risque feels like an understatement.

Some of the most scandalous include Alford talking about how JFK dared her to perform oral sex on his friend David Powers (she did, and the President later apologized to them both) and later prodded her to "take care of his baby brother [Teddy Kennedy]" (she refused, whew). But it also doesn't sound like their 18-month affair was just about sex ...

There seemed to be mutual affection, as the two spent lots of time taking baths, singing together, and Jack even grieved with Mimi when his infant child, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, died. And one thing that gives me chills is reading that they shared a moment only days before his assassination. Still, as multi-faceted as this relationship obviously was, yeah, it was still an affair, and the specifics -- even almost 50 years later -- could be seen as explosive.

But it's hard not to read this and think of all the other countless politicians whose sex lives have been made into splashy headlines and tell-all books. There's the obvious comparison: Bill Clinton's relationship with his intern, Monica Lewinsky. John Edward's dirty secrets kept from wife Elizabeth. And looking at the 2012 election, how about Newt Gingrich and his creepy request for an "open marriage"? Politicians on both sides of the aisle have been caught red-handed as total kinkmeister, sometimes even manipulative, cheating dogs. Sadly, it's kinda like, "What's new?" at this point! 

Not that adultery's prevalence in politics makes it right, but the pattern definitely calls for a sort of cease fire on sculpting politicians' sex lives into HUGE, career-changing news. Of course there have to be exceptions. If the guy was potentially sexual harassing someone (cough Herman Cain) or actually using taxpayers' or campaign money to conduct/cover up his affair (hey there again, John Edwards), yeah, it's our business, and yeah, it has the power to ruin a person in power. But otherwise ... ehhhhh, I don't think so.

The romping around JFK did with Alford is certainly intriguing, perhaps on some levels even disturbing, but however you see it, the affair only serves to reinforce what we already knew: That the guy, as revolutionary and game-changing a president as he was, was also pretty much an unfaithful sex addict. But Mimi's story shouldn't create some major watershed moment, completely altering Kennedy's image as President. And that's something we should collectively wrap our heads around as a nation: Not every revelation about a politician's sex life should have the power to change history.

How do you feel about these details about JFK? Do you think we should keep presidents' and presidential candidates' sex lives out of the political spotlight?


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Felip... FelipesMom

I think their sex lives ARE our business, but only insofar as it involves the country/state/whatever OR insofar as it exposes them for hypocrites. For example, I may not care if you cheat on your wife, but I certainly DO care if you cheat on your wife while bashing adulterers! I may not care if you are having gay sex in airport bathrooms, but I certainly DO care if you are doing so while speaking out - loudly - against homosexuals. 

jesis... jesistar6910

If you are going to preach one thing and not practice it, then it becomes our business. Otherwise I couldn't care less if the POTUS has a three way with the VPOTUS and a hooker covered in peanut butter. 

corio... coriolana

Another gossip rag by a whore. So what?

nonmember avatar Siera

It's no secret that JFK was a notorious adulterer. But is it really necessary for every woman who's ever had an affair with a public figure to write a book just to get her 15 minutes of fame. Hasn't the Kennedy family been through enough?

ladyl... ladylovemm

Sickens me when people write books about others when that person is passed away and can't defend.  Why don't they just write a book and change the names. 

zeesmuse zeesmuse

This is HOW many women now for him???


We know he was a randy dog nad the fact he did this to his wife is disgraceful. I'd rather not give him - or her - a moment of my time or my money.


Same goes with Bill Clinton.

RoseB... RoseBlossom

since the guy's dead, so is his wife and his son, and i dont know how credible the book is, whos to say she's not making a lot of it up?

Lesli... Lesliemom2mzjm

Why is this important?  Probably because this is something that has happened within our lifetime (not just with JFK) and will happen again.  Sex with interns, in the white house is just NOT appropriate.  And for JFK to offer her, as though she was just a paid whore to help "relax" his brother (Ted) and the other staff, while he's there watching is just sickening...it's not just that he cheated on his wife, but he cheated on his wife IN HER OWN BED as often as he could get it when his wife was absent.  He was with his mistress when he was greiving the loss of his child...Also, she felt compelled.  He was the most powerful man in the world and he wanted her.  Most 19 yr olds would feel compelled as well.  There were no policy on work place sexual assalt or whatever....I don't see how people wouldn't possibly thing that it was just terribly wrong.  Most of the time, this wouldn't be my business or anyone else's business....but someone that I vote for and put my trust in?  Yes, it is very important.  If I can't trust that person, then I don't want them in the WH.

Great... Greatdays

 From what I've read JFK made Clinton look like an alter boy.  Bill's legacy will not include the sexiest woman in the world nationally singing "Happy Birthday" to him.  So, to this elderly lady who has told her story.......go for it.  I wonder when Monica will write her book?

Avitar Avitar

Who cares now? .. She didn't say shit for over 50+ years !  Let the man rest in peace, Damn. Now she wants to talk about it ??!.. Why dig him up out of the ground now?  The audacity.

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