Susan G. Komen Apologizes, Restores Planned Parenthood Funding

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planned parenthoodWow, the backlash worked: Susan G. Komen for the Cure has just issued an apology and reversed its decision about defunding Planned Parenthood! They're gathering with their affiliates this afternoon to "refocus our attention on our mission and get back to doing our work." As we told you this week, the public outcry against Komen's decision to stop funding breast cancer screenings was HUGE. Even affiliates of the organization objected. Senators called upon the organization to restore funding. Donations to Planned Parenthood flooded in.

And it sounds like Komen finally heard us all! We don't know what they'll decide to do after they consult with their affiliates this afternoon, but one thing is for sure: Komen got the message loud and clear. Defunding breast cancer screenings made us all doubt their commitment to women's health.

In the letter, Nancy Brinker and the Komen Board of Directors are still claiming that their decision was not politically motivated:

We have been distressed at the presumption that the changes made to our funding criteria were done for political reasons or to specifically penalize Planned Parenthood. They were not.

This is disappointing, especially when there is so much evidence pointing to the contrary.

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But what's most important is what the Komen Board of Directors does next. Will they stand by their original mission to "support women and families in the fight against breast cancer" -- all the way? It sounds like they might. One commitment they are making in the letter is to amend their criteria: "We will amend the criteria to make clear that disqualifying investigations must be criminal and conclusive in nature and not political. That is what is right and fair."

The current Congressional investigation into Planned Parenthood is financial, not criminal -- as far as I know. Amending the criteria gives Komen a way to wriggle out of their plans to defund Planned Parenthood while saving face ... sort of

Komen is also saying they will "honor existing grants," which means Planned Parenthood will not have to return any grant money it has received from Komen thus far. They are free to apply for more grants in the future. But will they be granted? Handel stated publicly yesterday that even if they apply again, they are unlikely to give them more because Planned Parenthood's mammography services often come in the form of off-site radiology labs, and Komen is "moving away from 'pass-through' services."

At any rate, it puts their commitment to put women's health above politics into black and white. We'll all be watching to see how Komen carries out that commitment. But then, they know that.

What do you think about the Susan G. Komen Foundation's apology?


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nonmember avatar bob

I wonder if, based on their change of heart, I can have a change of heart and ask for my contribution back? While thier initial decision to remove funding may or may not have been political, their reversal surely was.

nonmember avatar bob

Also, what about the itsy bitsy teeny weeny scientifically supported fact that abortions INCREASE the rate of occurance of breast cancer? How does the Susan G. Komen foundation rationalize giving money to the largest abortion provider in the US? They are contributing to increasing the risks of breast cancer more than any other organization in the US! Pure (Political) Insanity.

Ms.Pu... Ms.PuNkrOckStar

The person that kept on posting that her husband and her donated the money they had saved for a year must feel stupid now. I Dont change my stand SGK is just a big joke now. Ill rather support other breast cancer organizations

nonmember avatar tippi

I supported thier decision to stop funding PP. Because the have not stood up for the decision they made, they have lost all credibility.

Tippi... Tippi2112

I supported their decision to no longer fund PP.  Now that they have changed their minds and aparently don't have a back bone they have lost all credibility with me.

Loref... Lorefield

Whatever supporters they retained after deciding to defund PP, they probably lost due to their reversal.

I know too much about the organization now, overall, to ever give them my support again.

Poor tile fund lady. I wonder if she can stop payment on that check!

Kritika Kritika

MsPunkRockStar that was my thought also!! Now no pool tiles or any reason to have donated the money. Oh well!! lol

Ms.Pu... Ms.PuNkrOckStar

I know if she made it w a cc there are ppl posting on the SGK fb page on how to cancel their donations in case anyone wants to cancel theirs

Melis... Melissa042807

You know what's sad to me is SGK doesn't have the freedom to make their own decisions. They have to bow to public pressure to keep everyone happy. What happened to this being a free country? So now it's only a free country if you agree with and support certain things? I'm sorry, but that's crap. SGK should be allowed to fund or not fund whoever they so chooose. And if people don't want it to be a "political issue", people shouldn't make it one. 

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