Susan G. Komen Is Paying a High Price for Its Break With Planned Parenthood

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planned parenthood don't take away my breast examsNews of the aftermath of the Susan G. Komen break from Planned Parenthood is swiftly unfolding. We've told you all about the funding boost Planned Parenthood got as a result. But there have been other real-world ramifications from Monday's stunning announcement.

The backlash is still going on, and it's about more than just money. Komen's reputation and integrity are at stake. And the way things are going, it looks like Komen is paying a high price for its decision.The foundation is also showing signs of splintering from within.

Two affiliates of Susan G. Komen for the Cure are refusing to defund their local Planned Parenthood clinics. Komen Denver and Komen Connecticut will continue funding as usual. Via Twitter, Komen Denver posted a link to an announcement, saying, "Please read, retweet, and share to your networks. Komen Denver is PRIORITIZING women's health over politics." And on Komen Connecticut's Facebook page, they have posted, "We remain committed to our mission of saving lives and ending breast cancer forever." Komen Connecticut says they are talking with Komen HQ about supporters' concerns.

Meanwhile, The Atlantic reported this morning that the decision to de-fund breast cancer screenings through Planned Parenhood caused Komen's top public health official, Mollie Williams, to resign in protest. She's being very discreet about leaving, but in a statement she released, she concludes, "The divide between these two very important organizations saddens me. I am hopeful their passionate and courageous leaders, Nancy Brinker and Cecile Richards, can swiftly resolve this conflict in a manner that benefits the women they both serve."

Another interesting twist: The controversy has actually raised awareness that Planned Parenthood provides women with free or low-cost breast exams. According to a spokeswoman, this has led to an increase in scheduled appointments. Women are getting in those exams while they still can!

One thing seems very clear: This split is dividing loyalties. Women want to support breast cancer research and prevention. And most want to continue funding for Planned Parenthood. It looks like the split is weakening both organizations.

Do you think the Komen/Planned Parenhood split was politically motivated?


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nonmember avatar Shelly

I don't care why it was motivated. I am HAPPY that they split with PP. I will now donate to Coleman.

JesKent JesKent

Here is the issue--statistics and research showed Susan G. Koman for the cure was offering money, funding, and/or incentives to approximately 85% of Planned Parenthood facilities, however, it was discovered that less than 3% of the facilities were actually offering the breast cancer services on the premises--they were pocketing the money and sending women to have free breast exams at local health departments or other organizations. In addition, many pro-life Americans were very upset when they discovered that their donations to the number one Breast Cancer charity was going to fund something that they consider to be a serious sin, morally wrong, and a form of murder. I agree that there will be issues, and maybe the Foundation should have offered the opportunity for donors to specifiy their amounts to not go into the funding disctribution for the Planned Parenthood facilities. But all in all, they pulled out because their supporters raised a loud cry for them too. So while pro-choice Americans are upset about the "insanity" of the funding loss, they need to also realize that their just as vocal counterparts are what led to this. Yelling at the Foundation for pulling funding is the exact same right and privilage that pro-lifers took part in.

sh31k3n sh31k3n

 I understand that not every body agrees on abortion, but the money given by the Komen foundation is not used for abortions, it is bookmarked for breast health exams.I believe that the Komen foundation's decision was politically based. That being said, they are a private foundation, not a government grant service, and therefore have every right to pull their funding no matter the reasoning. It is a sad event and even more upsetting is the staggering number of women who are going to be losing important health care services.

sh31k3n sh31k3n

I wonder if there will be more research brought out by either organization. Also, with Komen being such a large donor it would be nice to see Planned Parenthood do some restructuring so that they can "guarantee" the money to go towards breast health and bring up their accounting records to show where the funding is split. IE: Komen's donation goes towards these services, private donations go towards abortion services, federal funding goes towards general exams, etc.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

You know what would really be great?  If federal funding was also pulled, inspiring even more people to donate to PP, and freeing them from "political pressure" for good.

Loref... Lorefield

Jeskent, you don't have it quite right there. Only 3% of PP are able to offer Mammograms in their facilities. As far as I know, all PP sites offer breast exams and referrals for those needing mammograms, to healthcare facilities who are equipped to do them, AND paying for those mammograms.

Every penny that SGK gave to PP went directly to breast health education, cancer prevention, detection and treatment. Supporters of SGK are completely false in their belief that they have somehow helped to pay for abortions. Try learning a bit about how a non-profit works. They make apropriations for different things. Money from SGK goes into an account for breast health, and that is what iti is spent on.

If SGK supporters were shocked to find out that part of their money went to PP, then that is their own fault for not checking into the charity. SGK has never made it a secret that they were partnered with PP. In fact, they have talked about it on their very own website.

Loref... Lorefield

sh31k3n, SGK has never questioned the fact that their donations were going to breast health.

Why call for PP restructuring when their practices are only being questioned by a few uninformed SGK donors who are making excuses for the decision? 

nonmember avatar Ashley

Let me start by saying I don't really know all of the facts here, but does anyone? The biggest mistake, regardless of facts, was that the Komen Foundation didn't go about announcing this well at all. I do understand wanting to separate from such a controversial organization - regardless of the reason.

bills... billsfan1104

Funny how this breast exam is the same exact breast exam you can do at home. Hmmmmmm. Where is the SGK money really going?

bills... billsfan1104

gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GIANTS.

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