Apparently Prejudice and Racism Really Are the Result of Stupidity

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brainOne more reason to fear a country run by conservatives: According to a recent study, kids who score low on I.Q. tests are more likely to grow into adults with racist and/or prejudiced beliefs and socially conservative politics.

Aha. Makes sense doesn't it? Think about all the times you wondered how and why it is that some people can actually buy into simplistic stereotypes about other people. Or how and why it is that they're so quick to condemn behavior or ideas they don't understand or agree with as immoral? To them, everything is black and white, wrong or right -- and that's that.

Apparently that's because having tunnelvision makes it easier to deal with a world which is in fact a complicated, many-shades-of-gray kind of place. Sort of like blinders on a racehorse.

Of course conservatives are vehemently disputing these findings. But what I really want to know is, what are the rest of us supposed to do with this info?

The results of this study certainly shed light on the relationship between intelligence and prejudice, but ... okay, take the racist guy at the office nobody can stand. Now you know he says the things he does because he's not all that bright to begin with, but does that make dealing with him any more pleasant? Are we supposed to feel sorry for that guy, or take it upon ourselves to try and educate him?

And that's just in the personal sphere. How do we address this on a political level? Can we even try?

I don't know. At the very least, this study does offer some validation, or vindication, for those of us who find ourselves frequently under attack for our own liberal beliefs.

What do you think about the results of this study? Do you think I.Q. level and conservative ideologies are related?


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Tracy... Tracylynn100

another stupid study with questionable results that I would assume was funded by liberals

tayanna2 tayanna2

I'm guessing based on your article, you got all of your information from the huffington post article instead of actually reading the study. I know, work is hard.

picmo... picmom719

This is about the dumbest article I have ever read.  I'm sorry but there is right and wrong and there is nothing wrong with a conservative point of view.  Am I the only one who notices that it's the liberals always complaining about "stupid conservatives"?  You calling conservatives dumb is a prejudice statement in and of itself.  I guess you're the idiot now.

TikiW... TikiWiki33

"Apparently that's because having tunnelvision makes it easier to deal with a world which is in fact acomplicatedmany-shades-of-gray kind of place. Sort of like blinders on a racehorse.."

Isn't making sweeping generalizations about a large group putting on those blinders? Pot, meet kettle.

WAArm... WAArmyMom

You're complaining about negative stereotyping and yet you begin your article by linking stupidity to conservatives AS A WHOLE... Sure, some conservatives are stupid. Some liberals are stupid (anyone remember the Occupiers who didn't know why they were even there?). Some whites are stupid, some latinos are stupid, some af-ams are stupid.

There are plenty of us out here who are well educated, intelligent people (taxpaying, voting citizens with real jobs and everything!) who don't care for the liberal agenda.

nonmember avatar KathyT.

This explains so much...

nonmember avatar qwert

@WAMom - Intelligent and well-educated are NOT the same thing. The study refers to I.Q., which remains steady through the lifespan and is not increased by education. Higher IQ allows for better critical thinking ability, maleability and accomodation and assimilation of new concepts. You can be of average or below-average intelligence and still be "well-educated." You, for example.

WAArm... WAArmyMom

Oh ouch, qwert... a snarky comment about my intelligence on the internet from someone who doesn't know me... however will I get through my day?!?

I don't see anything in my commment that infers education and intelligence are the same thing. I listed them as two adjectives. Simple as that.

Go take a nap...


nonmember avatar taylor

I love this post :) thank you for being so blunt!

sweet... sweetcherry_59

@tayanna2 I'm LMFAO at your comment. 

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