If You Hate Starbucks' Same-Sex Marriage Stance, Drink Different Coffee

Maressa Brown Rant

heart in latte cupYou'd think that when Starbucks stood up for marriage equality in Washington state by officially supporting the legalization of same-sex marriage, the general consensus would have been a big fat caffeinated "Cheers!" While that seems to be the case for the most part, there are still radicals on the far right who have a major bone to pick with the popular coffee purveyor.

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), aka an extreme conservative group created to fight same-sex marriage at every turn, has released a statement whining that "Americans should be able to drink a peaceful cup of coffee without worrying that a portion of the company's profits is going to be used to push gay marriage without a vote from the people." Oh, boo freakin' hoo! Cry me a cappuccino river.

Hilariously, they're also speaking out against Starbucks "discriminating against customers, vendors, or employees who oppose same-sex marriage." HA!! Give me a break. Because those are the people who are sooo disenfranchised, right?

Haven't these people ever heard of the expression "vote with your pocketbook"? I do it all the time! I even rationalize the slightly added cost of organic produce or chemical-free beauty products by thinking to myself, "Well, maybe if I buy this over the toxic crap, the industry will get the message to make more of this, and over time, the price will go down." Similarly, if I hear a company has horrendous policies I don't support or gives part of their profits to causes, corporations, or politicians I strongly disagree with, I'll do business elsewhere. The great boycott shouldn't be that novel a concept to Americans.

If these "straight marriage defenders" (with a steeply declining marriage rate and an ever-growing divorce rate, what's to defend, but I digress ...) really hate that Starbucks is bold enough to stand up for progress and stand with the majority of Americans who endorse same-sex marriage, then they can choose from a plethora of other java joints to get their "peaceful cup of coffee." I'm sure they've also got to be annoyed that Google, Nike, Microsoft, and countless other companies have created a coalition in support of Washington legalizing same-sex marriage, so they should probably turn their backs on all of those brands, too.

Meanwhile, same-sex marriage supporters can make it a priority to patronize these companies in order to show our love for their applause-worthy move.

What do you think about the NOM's statement? Do you make a point to vote with your pocketbook?


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