Newt Gingrich Rises Like a Phoenix

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newt gingrichAt the beginning of the Republican primary shenanigans, I thought Newt Gingrich was a short timer candidate. I never imagined that his polarizing views and questionable character would land him in the front runner spot. Newt Gingrich does not belong at the helm of our country. He is an out of touch bigot who lacks character and reeks of hypocrisy. His holier-than-thou positions are based on condescending beliefs that merit no second looks, and he fails to appreciate the irony in his positions.

Republicans contesting the presidential bid are dangerous to our future, even if they provide some comic relief in the here and now (Michele Bachmann’s only redeeming quality was her entertainment value). This group of Republican candidates stands to set America back decades, if not more, jeopardizing the separation of church and state, women’s rights, and America’s position in the world. These candidates are more concerned with beating Barack Obama than solving Americans’ problems. They lead with harmful rhetoric and offer no viable solutions to put Americans back to work, eradicate poverty, care for the elderly, and bring our troops home. They wax about their conservative, Christian values while behaving in the most un-Christianlike manner. Newt Gingrich takes the proverbial cake here. The man is a phoenix, really.

He is as slimy as the reptile that bears his name.

I keep waiting for the Republican party to step out and yell, “Psyche!” as if the joke’s on us in a cruel game of Candid Camera. There are plenty of level-headed, bright Republicans who want to change the course of America and turn around this lagging economy. Where are the Republicans who care more about America and her people than beating and berating Barack Obama? Where are the Republicans who earnestly want to lift us up more than stroke their own ego and force their own agenda?

I shudder to think what will become of us if Newt sidles up to the desk in the Oval Office. Has the conservative brigade really gotten behind this man who reeks of infidelity and disregard for family? What happened to the family values platform? Repentance and character are not the same thing. If this constituency wants to really own the moral high ground for future elections, they might as well bid it adieu ... sorry, that’s a foreign expression, and we know Newt thinks English should be our national language. Or was his “language of the ghetto” comment masked racism? A vote for Newt Gingrich dismantles the whole moral high ground platform that has been exceedingly popular among Republicans.

Newt Gingrich is plagued by words he has uttered that reveal his true nature. I want to throw things at the television when I see him smirk. I am astounded that people are attracted to this condescending nature of his. Conservative voters are too consumed with emotion to think of the long-term toll Newt’s presidency will take. Republicans are experts at leveraging this segment of voters. They will continue to hide behind non-issues with emotional daggers about gay marriage and pro-abortion mistruths. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the Bible, more political handbook than revered scripture it seems, have more to say about adultery than it does about homosexuality? No one will speak of the real issues of national debt, education in the twenty-first century, healthcare costs, the housing crisis, or job creation. The circus will continue, but everyone knows that the clowns are the scariest act.

Many Democrats welcome Newt to the race and think he has no shot at beating President Obama. Some guffaw while they munch popcorn and watch the debates that are rich in entertainment but poor in substance. I can’t say I am one of those people. I watch each debate with half a fingernail chewed to the quick as I boil inside. I am simply not so optimistic that Obama will beat Newt. I’m afraid Americans have let me down before ... take Bush’s reelection for example. I worry that enough bloodthirsty people who are on the anti-Obama hate wagon will turn out to vote for Gingrich as a vote against Obama.


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Cain Cain

This isn't mean or one sided, it's the truth. Gingrich is scary, even scarier are those who follow his polarized views and racist opinions without question. This man represents everything I teach my own children to not be, not on a political level but on a basic human one. Regardless of your political affiliation, regardless of your religious stance, all hostility towards who is the president of our country aside there is no denying that the words that come out this mans mouth, ideas his spews, the ignorant generalization and divisive mentality is unacceptable for a country such as ours - I would like to think anywhere in the world. I realize that he has a following, I realize - sadly - that the world has people like these, but I want to hold on hope that those people are small in numbers. I would hate to think people like that, racism and intolerance and hypocrisy like that can win, in politics, in life, anywhere. He needs to just go away like a bad dream.

nonmember avatar NotNewt

Newt is an idiot. Obama is an idiot. Bush was an idiot. What do we have left? I guess Mitt is the least idiotic.

texas... texasmamma777

@ Bendana & other liberals:

Bendana wrote " In fact I haven't heard of a specific plan for jobs [from Republicans] . . ".  Google can be your friend! 

House Republicans unveiled nearly 30 different pieces of jobs-related legislation in 2011.  This week the House will vote on Sean Duffy's bill  that extends the pay freeze for federal bureaucrats, members of Congress, and Congressional staff through 2013.  (Dear Leader obama wants to increase bureaucrats' pay!)

obama recently nixed the Keystone project which would have created over 100,000 jobs -- that's a lot of groceries on Americans' tables that liberals said "no" to.  House Republicans continue to fight for the job-creating Keystone project.

In October 2011 Senate Democrats voted "no" on obama's "jobs bill" (it wasn't really a jobs bill and they knew it, plus many of them are facing re-election -- this was the bill that caused the president to criss-cross the country on the tax-payers' dime, obnoxiously repeating the childish mantra "Pass this bill!!!!!")   ROFL

 Senate Democrats continue to delay a vote on nearly 30 bipartisan House-passed jobs bills. 

You are entitled to your own opinions, liberals, but you are not entitled to your own facts.

texas... texasmamma777

Liberals call Gingrich a hypocrite for his 3 marriages as he espouses "family values". He's admitted mistakes and says he's changed (who knows?). 50% of U.S. marriages end in divorce; his marital record is not uncommon these days, unfortunately.

When Democrat Bill Clinton sexually abused an employee in our Oval Office, (& a series of other women) didn't liberals tell us it was "none of our business" - it was "just sex"?

If Gingrich is a hypocrite, what about liberals who are gung-ho for killing helpless children in the womb, and more?  In the Illinois Senate,  obama voted against legislation that would allow medical personnel to care for & treat babies that survived botched abortions. "Born alive" babies were left on cold shelves to shiver naked, suffer pain, & die lonely deaths, uncomforted. What kind of "family values" are those?

It is tempting & easy to judge & criticize someone in the public eye. One reason I will vote for obama's Republican opponent is because I don't believe the Leader of the Free World should be someone who's not just "okay" with leaving babies to die, but who aggressively pushed a law that would force others to do exactly that.

For further info, google "obama & born alive act". It's chilling.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

what about liberals who are gung-ho for killing helpless children in the womb, and more?  In the Illinois Senate,  obama voted against legislation that would allow medical personnel to care for & treat babies that survived botched abortions. "Born alive" babies were left on cold shelves to shiver naked, suffer pain, & die lonely deaths, uncomforted. What kind of "family values" are those?

WHAT???? I haven't heard about this, and I'm almost afraid to research it.  But I certainly will, and if what you've written is true, I will NEVER shut up about it. 

texas... texasmamma777

@hoticedcoffee,  here's more ( I just posted on the "Republican Women Find Their Voice" thread):

" you don't even get what being pro-choice is about". Please explain it to me. I'd honestly like to hear the rationalization in your own words. I've changed since the abortion I had (which I bitterly regret), but do tell about this "choice" thingy : -).

" He voted against it because it granted equal human rights to a pre-viable fetuses." Really? He gave 10 different reasons. He threw up smokescreens because giving infanticide the nod over compassion & life became politically embarrassing. So he lied about what he did. "there are already laws in IL that require doctors performing abortions to save any fetus that's viable". That was arguable & the bill sponsors sought clarification.

Liberals use euphemisms like "choice", "it", etc. when discussing these issues. They never refer to the life in the womb (no matter the age) as "human" or simply "child" or "baby". It's a transparent ploy, but it's worked well for them.

Remember,obama said "I wouldn't want my daughters to be punished with a baby". In IL he voted for infanticide. On the federal level, even pro-abortion activist Barbara Boxer voted for the Born Alive Act.

Liberals complain about "human" & "civil rights" violations, but not when the victims are babies, apparently.

texas... texasmamma777

@hoticedcoffee, google Jill Stanek; she's a nurse who actually comforted at least one of these babies and I believe she has testified about it.  There's also a pro-life activist out there who actually survived one of these abortions and lived to tell about it. She travels and makes speeches about this issue.  I can't think of her name right now, but will post it if I find it.

texas... texasmamma777

one last point, @hoticedcoffee: correctly recites some of the facts about the IL legislation, but the piece is slanted in obama's favor.  For your peace of mind, you might want to check some other source that are not liberal-leaning.

 "As is primarily funded by the Annenberg Foundation, its claims of non-partisan efforts is questionable as Barack Obama was a founding member, chairman, and president of a project that was also funded by the Annenberg Foundation. The Chicago Annenberg Challenge was a Chicago public reform project that brought together civic, business and university leaders, as well as foundations and other groups, in support of 18 school improvement projects. It built broad public-private coalitions consisting of mayors, superintendents, principals, union leaders, civic leaders and community groups"

I believe that obama met Bill Ayres at the Annenberg Foundation.

If you haven't read "Radical-in-Chief" by Stanley Kurtz, I recommend it.  It's a painstakingly-researched & footnoted account of obama's younger years and his political coming-of-age in the crooked cesspool known as Chicago politics.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Texas, thank you for all the additional info.  I am aware has a slight bias, which is why I cited it as a source, for those of us who only believe information when it comes from a Leftist-y source.  If THEY can't even make it palatable, I can imagine how much worse it is.  I will look into all the info you recommend.  Thank you.

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