4 NYC Subway Deaths in 24 Hours Is Tragically Bizarre


nyc subwayIt's almost too strange to believe, like a National Enquirer headline about O.J. Simpson as Khloe Kardashian's dad, or news that your sister's returned that pair of jeans she stole three years ago, but apparently it's true: The New York City subway system reported four deaths in 24 hours. Starting in the wee hours of Saturday morning and spanning the rest of the day and into the night, four people lost their lives in unrelated instances. The first death was reported at 2:01 a.m. on the R train in Queens where a 60-year-old victim took a fatal fall down a flight of stairs.

And from there it only gets weirder and more tragic.

The Wall Street Journal goes on to report that the next death happened around 8:30 a.m. at the 14th street L train stop, where a man in his 20s was hit by an oncoming train -- he was standing between the tracks and, apparently, had been out drinking with his friends the night before.

The third death came around 4 p.m. in Brooklyn when the subway conductor noticed a lifeless body laying between the tracks. And the final fatality happened around 8 p.m. where a man was struck by an oncoming L train. He had been on the tracks and was trying to climb up onto the platform. The train operator told police she tried to stop, but there wasn't enough time.

What the hell happened that Saturday? What an impossibly sad day and how incredibly bizarre. It's almost like something out of the Final Destination movies, but of course, it's heartbreaking to know that this wasn't a script acted out by Hollywood stars, these were people playing their own roles in life that happened to meet untimely and gruesome deaths.

I've read some reports where people want to blame the victims for their stupidity, arguing that maybe the Giants win had something to do with excess drinking and their subway mishaps (but mind you, the deaths all occurred Saturday; the Giants didn't play until Sunday night), but regardless of the reason behind their accidental or not-so-accidental passings, I don't think any finger pointing is necessary.

The MTA is launching an investigation into each fatality and I hope they uncover some details that will help the families of the deceased victims get some closure. What a terrible Saturday in NYC. My god.

What do you think of the four subway deaths in 24 hours?


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CPN322 CPN322

Man, that is really weird and sad :(

jalaz77 jalaz77

2 were just plain stupid?!?! Really! The fall and lifeless body are sad.

gen791 gen791

Crazy!!! Prayers for all the families involved!!

WhyIs... WhyIstheworld

I guess this is a sign the world is ending...

nonmember avatar bbmmm

What I find is shocking is the writers comparison of 4 tragic deaths to news that your sister returned a pair of stolen jeans three years later!

nonmember avatar Hank

What's bizarre is how bad the writer's English is.

nonmember avatar LuannD

Four deaths in a span of 24 hours is more than bizarre, even for NYC. I hope the police are looking a little deeper rather than leaving it as "too strange to believe". I, for one, don't believe it. At *2:01am*, 60 year old woman falls down subway stairs, then 2 deaths involved being hit by subway trains, and 1 *already dead body* on the tracks. Am I the only person thinking something very strange happened in the subways on Saturday?

nonmember avatar Gail Snail

Having lived in New York and rode the NYC Subway System I can tell you that it is an ugly, dirty & disgusting system. Homeless people sleep on the subways from time to time. Often you can see diseased rats running along the tracks. My condolences to the families for their losses.

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