Hungry Zebra Bites Woman for Committing Drive-Thru Safari Fail (VIDEO)


zebra attackI've never understood why anyone would roll down their car window on one of those drive-thru safari things. (To be honest, I've never understood why anyone thought drive-thru safaris would be a good idea in the first place, but whatever. Pay no attention to the shrieking monkey running away with your sideview mirror!)

I mean, can we say "asking for trouble"?

Anyway, thanks to 23-year-old Meagan Sweatman of Texas, we now have video footage documenting the dangers of opening the car window in the vicinity of wild animals.

While eating a bag of chips.

Good thing the most "vicious" animals at Topsey Exotic Ranch and Drive Thru are zebras ...

Because as you'll see in this clip, Sweatman wouldn't have fared quite so well if the creature poking its head in the car was something with sharper teeth.

Don't get me wrong -- that zebra did give her one heck of a hickey. But even though the love bite was apparently almost painful enough to make her throw up, Sweatman still couldn't help laughing through her tears at the absurdity of her encounter. When zebras attack!!

Hilarity aside, however, I think Ms. Sweatman learned an important lesson here ... nay, I think we ALL learned an important lesson.

Drive-Thru Safari + Open Car Window + Bag of Chips = Come on, what did you expect??

Would you ever roll down your car window on a drive-thru safari?


Image via MeaganVS/YouTube

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Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

Holy Cow! I mean Zebra! I mean... Holy Sh*t.

tinyp... tinypossum

What a moron. 

ms_mo... ms_morgan

what an idiot

pitbu... pitbull4me

We love our local Safari Park and roll down our windows. But, there are signs everywhere that state NO FOOD or DRINKS allowed! Damn, what an idiot!

nonmember avatar Heather

Um, yes you do roll down the window but you are not supposed to feed them, OR wave food in front of their faces.

missi... missiedoo

Everyone in the car is an idiot, asking for their money back. Maybe if they actuallyread the signs saying to keep your windows up, then the zebra wouldn't have bitten you

nonmember avatar Denise

While driving thru Great Adventure Safari in NJ on the hottest day ever on record, must have been like 100, our air conditioning went out. We did open the windows but had to mostly close them when the monkeys started crawling all over the car, ostriches and giraffes were trying to poke their heads in! What a great memory for the kids!

maris... mariscilla

I am in tears laughing "Ouch, he bit my shoulder" in slow motion was the cherry on top lmao.

gen791 gen791

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha!!! well, i guess she learned her lesson!!!!sidesplittinglaughter

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