Navy SEAL Who Punched Jesse Ventura for Anti-American Talk Should Get a Medal


Jesse Ventura

Former pro wrestler and politician Jesse Ventura has every right to spew his crackpot conspiracy theories and badmouth the greatest country in the world if he wants to. Just NOT at the wake of a fallen Navy SEAL who died helping to give him the right to do that. I always knew Ventura was a little out there, but I mean, dude, what were you thinking? A wake. A Navy SEAL's wake. A Navy SEAL's wake where there are lots of military people and supporters. Military people who clearly love America, otherwise they or their children would not put their lives at risk going to war for it. Are you even human, man?

There's a story going around today that a group of mourners for a Navy SEAL were at a bar a number of years ago and Ventura was there. Supposedly he was talking his usual smack about Bush (still president at the time), the Iraq War, and America. His behavior was so inappropriate and wrong that another SEAL attending the wake, Chris Kyle, walked up to Ventura and told him to shut his hole. It's bad enough that Ventura was basically spitting on the family with his unpatriotic diatriabe (why was he even invited?), but what Kyle said Ventura said to him next is stunning.

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He apparently told Kyle: "You [the Navy SEALS] deserve to lose a few guys."


Who says this kind of thing, who? I've disagreed with most of the stupid stuff that has come out of Ventura's mouth (saying he will never stand for the national anthem again, etc. ...), but if any of this is true, it really crosses the line. If he wasn't already living in Mexico, I'd say we kick him out for good. The only uplifting thing about this story is what Kyle says happened next. Kyle, a sniper with 150 official kills under his belt and author of American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History, went and knocked Ventura's lights out. And then he ran, because that was probably the smartest thing he could do.

Knowing Ventura (who denies the incident ever took place) and considering the unusual details, it would not surprise me at all if this is true. And it's no surprise we're only hearing about it now, as part of Kyle's promotional book tour. Can't imagine that The Body would have wanted to spread around that he got his ass kicked by another SEAL who's obviously stronger and tougher than he is.

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It's a good thing Ventura hates us and our country so much that he's no longer here. Let him stay in Mexico if this is how he really feels.

I hate violence but Ventura got what he deserved that day. Do you agree or disagree?

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lizzeh lizzeh

Why are we the greatest country in the world?

nonmember avatar Taylor

Are you serious?! We are the greatest country in the world because we stand for freedom and equality. Yes, some of our practices or laws may not please everyone but since when has EVERYONE been pleased with anything?! We are the greatest country in the world because you can be who you want to be here more than anywhere else in the world. Example: you are legally allowed to post ignorant questions like that about your country and government on public forums. Try doing that in China. I've said it many, MANY times before and I'll say it again: IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT HERE IN AMERICA, GET THE HELL OUT! I promise we won't miss you, but you can bet your ass you'll miss us. I can't believe my husband serves in the military to protect crap like this

Rayne... RayneofTerror

my husband serves too Taylor, but you will never hear either of us telling people to get out if they don't like it. grow up. people are allowed opinions and they don't have to match yours to be welcome here.


nonmember avatar Sarah

Have you ever travelled outside of the USA? The USA is a really good country but there are greater countries than the USA. Even if this did happen (it sounds fabricated to me) Ventura has freedom of speech to protect his verbal diarrhea, this supposed SEAL has nothing to protect him from assaulting someone. As for those who say don;t like it leave, well one of the great things about America is not only are we free to criticize it, we are free to change it with our votes... in theory anyway.

nonmember avatar Kristi

Fine, he deserved to be punched, because even if you believe that you have to recognize that there are situations where saying things like that are inappropriate. However, I don't think we're the greatest country in the world... I'm sorry, maybe we were at one point, but we're not anymore. And trust me, for those of us who are tired of living here it's really just not as easy as picking up and moving to a different country.

Monda... MondayisFired

I'm all for free speech and expression of opinion. But anyone being a disrespectful jerk at a funeral, any funeral, deserves a punch in the face.

nonmember avatar Ashley C

Interesting to hear, since he was in the Navy himself once upon a time as an UDT. You would think he would have mad respect for the SEALs.

jagam... jagamama0710

I'm not sure I buy this...but ok. I'll run with it for the sake of commenting. The article I read says they were in a bar, remembering their comrade. It doesn't sound as if he was invited to a funeral, just happened to be there. 

And I agree with RayneofTerrors post. I hate the "don't like it? get out" bullshit. You said yourself Taylor, not everything in this country pleases everybody. And part of why we're a great (not perfect by any means) country is because we can speak our opinions. So why are you bitching about someone using that right to speak his opinion thath appens to differ from yours. Before you jump down my throat, I don't condone what Ventura allegedly said. My husband is an infantry man. If he said it that's horrible but I wouldn't turn around and tell him to get out of the country as if I own it. 

nonmember avatar Systematic

another case of character assasination, I don't buy it just because a Navy Seal told it while promoting his new book on Fox News.

nonmember avatar GrkMuse

I am amazed that you eat up all the propaganda the media spews. I agree that former Navy SEAL Ventura should have saved his speech for another time but he's right! I am an American stationed abroad in Greece for the past 6 years. I know what he's talking about. We live in a POLICE state. When was the last time you could state your "free speech" without fear of being condemned by the majority rule? We are the greatest country for consumerism... that's it. Anything else you'll go to jail or be audited. Kinda sounds like what our forefathers tried to avoid when they left tyrannical England.

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