Rick Santorum Compares Gay Marriage to Polygamy & Alienates More Voters (VIDEO)


santorumRick Santorum is at it again, alienating voters faster than you can change a sweater vest. People were so offended by his "black people on welfare" remark -- and denial -- yesterday that the debacle turned into a whole "blah people" meme on Twitter. But what it really showed me is that Rick Santorum is just not into connecting with people

Yesterday he found yet another way to NOT connect with voters. He got his appearance at College Convention 2012 off to a condescending start. "Does anyone know what the national motto is?" Hardly anyone raise their hand, so he said, "That's what I'm talking about." Grimace. But one student picked up on that "pursuit of happiness" idea and asked Santorum why he won't let gay people be happy and marry each other. Instead of giving a REAL answer, Rick decided to piss off the questioner and pretty much everyone else in the room by comparing gay marriage with polygamy. BOOOO!

No really, that's what everyone said. Santorum was boo'ed. Okey dokey, let's walk through this one. Someone says, "Hey candidate, we share a VALUE, the pursuit of happiness. Yet one of your stances seems at odds with the value. How come?" And Santorum's response is, because what you want is ICKY. Ew, it's like polygamy -- weird! So that was pretty smart of Santorum.

Okay, fine, maybe that questioner wasn't planning on voting for Santorum anyway. Maybe Rick was in a room full of liberals and libertarians, the least likely people to ever even say "bless you" when Santorum sneezes, much less vote for him. But every candidate should know by now that EVERYTHING goes on the Internet. And now we have yet another little scene of Rick Santorum insulting gay marriage and getting boo'ed. For someone who has had hardly any media attention all year, this is not helping.

You know what was so brilliant about President Clinton? He was genuinely curious about other people. That's what enabled him to hoodwink so many voters into supporting him -- even though we all kind of found him kind of slick. We love nothing more than a candidate who thirsts to know more about what we want -- not someone who wants to tell us what we should want. I think Rick has revealed this week that he's the latter kind of candidate.

Do you think Rick Santorum's answer to the question about gay marriage hurt his campaign?


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DebaLa DebaLa

Re-election by attrition... just let 'em all keep talkin'...

starr... starrsitter

Perhaps Mr. Santorum should check this out. 

Also, when between consenting adults instead of abused and barely-legal girls and aging cult leaders, what's so wrong with polygamy?  I, for one, would welcome a sister-wife that likes to do windows.  ;)

nonmember avatar Cee

Exactly, Deba, all the rep candidates seem insane. You just cant pick the less of the evils in that category!

Also, I am engaged to a girl (gasp!) and we don't and would NEVER consider another lady joining our marriage. I don't understand why all these STRAIGHT people deny a right to something that does not pertain to them. Does denying gay people marriage make them feel superior? Straights already have a crappy divorce rate..if they want to protect marriage, why not stop getting so many divorces? or if they are against gay marriage..just not marry a gay person? Simple as that. It's not like banning gay marriage stops gay people from existing and loving one another.

nonmember avatar Zoe Walker

Hey guys, Will likely be the U.S. significantly greater off sticking to Syria's Assad?

ethan... ethans_momma06

Actually, I think the comparison between gay marriage and polygamy is completely fair. Of course, I support any sort of contract between consenting adults. I fail to see how him noting that comparison warrants booing, and do feel that his point IS relevant. I don't like him as a candidate, but he's spot on on calling that out. Of course, I support 'marriage equality' for EVERYONE. Including polygamists.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

No, I don't think it hurt his campaign.  People who support him, agree with him. Didn't hurt him a bit.  And while I don't agree with or support him, I freaking love that he's got a platform and a set of beliefs and he sticks to them even when the audience isn't on his side.  I wish all politicians were like that, instead of always with a finger to the wind, ready to cook up whatever people have an appetite for.

alisa... alisabethjaimes

Any marriage between two or more consenting ADULTS should be legal. I don't understand why Courtney Stodden and Doug what's-his-name can get married and NPH and his partner can't.

nonmember avatar ele4phant

I don't understand why polygmy would be the most terrible thing ever, provided everyone involved was a consenting adult. Obvisouly, Warren Jeff's vision of polygmy wouldn't fly as many of those girls were underaged and forced to be married. I don't want a polyamorous relationship, but if three or more adults love each other and have full capacity to consent, their choices have not impact on me. Why not let them get married?

Procr... Procrastamom

Have we all Googled "Santorum" today?

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