Letting Casey Anthony Adopt Dog Makes Perfect Sense (VIDEO)


Casey Anthony video diaryIf you haven't seen the "leaked" Casey Anthony video diary yet, here it is in a nutshell: blah, blah, feel sorry for me, I'm so happy to have fun gadgets, blah, blah, and oh yeah, I got a dog! Yes, ladies and germs, some genius decided the woman most of America believes killed her toddler daughter was a good candidate to adopt a living, breathing creature. And you know what, I agree with them.

Oh, come on, before you get indignant, you want to know why, don't you? Would it help if I told you I'm known in my 'hood as a bit of an animal activist?

In fact, I love my critters so much that I'll admit I first had the same reaction as most of America when I heard Casey was cuddling with a canine in her new digs. I believe the phrase is "I wouldn't give that woman a dog I didn't like"?

But let's just look at what we know about Casey Anthony. Since a jury declared her not guilty of the murder of little Caylee, she has been forced into seclusion as much to protect herself from the media as it is to steer clear of crazies hellbent on a little old-fashioned vigilante justice. Her murder trial has been compared to OJ Simpson's many times over, and if his life since his own not guilty verdict is any indication, she will be followed like this for a good long time ... at least the lifespan of your average mutt. Frankly, she won't be able to take a big poo without the nation knowing about it.

Do you really think she's going to have a chance to abuse this animal? Really?

Dog shelter staff have one of the toughest jobs in the country. They have to make a judgment on a person's worth as a potential animal owner, and then it's over. They don't have the chance to make monthly visits or put a camera in someone's home to check up on the wellbeing of the animal.

But with Casey Anthony, they don't need to. The tabloids are doing it for them. If Casey's dog goes missing or gets hit by a car, trust me, the shelter will know. And say what you will about this woman, but she's far from stupid. Just watch her video diary -- it's obviously calculated, from the accidental "leak" to the mere fact that she's vlogging her days ... you know, just in case some ghostwriter needs some details of her days on probation.

So what did the people who let her take in this animal have to lose, really? In a nation where the ASPCA estimates 5 million to 7 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year, and approximately 3 million to 4 million are euthanized, a dog now has a home where the owner knows she has to be on her best behavior.

Sounds like Casey Anthony is the perfect dog owner to me. How about you? Check her out talking about her new pooch in her video diary:

casey anthony, crime


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tinyp... tinypossum

This woman shouldn't be put in charge of a dust bunny, much less a living, breathing animal. 

fraoch fraoch

I'm sick of seeing her freaking picture everywhere I go b/c of that stupid 'leaked' video that was put out to see if people will still be interested in her.

Stop feeding the scuzzballs need for attention.

brand... brandspanknnew

Yah know, since the trial, and this is the same way I felt about the OJ trial, since it's OVER, DONE WITH, and GONE WITH THE WIND, why don't we leave her out of the media and stop giving 2 shits about her? Yeah she probably deserved more than she got, but she'd not getting it. So, why keep bringing her up? It's senseless.

DebaLa DebaLa

CM/TS: No more CA posts please.

nonmember avatar Christie

I agree... but for a different reason....

I seem to recall a comment from her at one point that she would like to have another child (victim)....maybe having a puppy will fill whatever "void" she was looking to fill with a child.

nonmember avatar Flagirl

You forget Casey is a sociopath that derives pleasure from the torment of others including dogs ... She says she'd glad to have video blog so she can stop " bothering " the dog ie .. Tormenting it I give the dog a life expectancy equal to the time it takes her to find some duct tape in the garage ... There is a history of dead animals with her for a reason .. Why isn't the dog seen in the video ...

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