Casey Anthony's Video Diary 'Leak' Was No Accident


casey anthony video diary screenshotWell, it's confirmed! The woman in the video diary that hit the web earlier today is definitely Casey Anthony, say her defense attorneys ... (Like we were actually unaware of that!) But they also claim the video's release was "unauthorized" and "inappropriate," and an investigation is underway to find out how it was "leaked." Sounds like he's gonna find whoever did it and give them a talking to!

Too bad the culprit behind the release was likely none other than ... Casey Anthony herself! Gasp!

Let's be real. Despite all the fun, shiny, flashy buttons you can click on the Internet, if you make a video diary intended for personal use ... it would remain in your sole possession! I don't buy that something like this, or celeb sex tapes for example, are so easily "leaked" or "hacked." More often than not, it's likely a PR stunt ... a way to grab the public's attention. It's hard to imagine that's not what happened here.

Consider what attorney Mark NeJame, who offered analysis for WKMG-Channel 6 during the trial, said:

I think it's orchestrated with the intent to gauge public opinion for future opportunities, and I hope the public is aware of that and rejects anything that allows her to be paid or profit for future appearances ... This was designed to create a new image of Casey Anthony.

In other words, she's playing us for fools, America!! She's hoping we'll be enamored by her BS about getting her "life back on track," and think, "Isn't that swell?" and want to bring her back to center stage. In her delusion, I'm sure she thought releasing this video diary could bait Oprah to call! Or more publishers to offer a book deal! Maybe she can star in her very own Lifetime made-for-TV film -- or host her own show! Ugh! It's pathetic, twisted, and frightening. Hopefully, we aren't all dense enough to buy into whatever campaign the video diary was meant to kick off, and Casey Anthony falls back into oblivion ... which is more than she deserves.

Do you think the video diary was leaked by accident or do you think Casey was behind its release?


Image via MSNBC

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nonmember avatar Nick

In the video she says this will be as tedious as her audio recordings. What audio recordings? She sounds like she's talking to a specific person, a person who
is familiar with the audio recordings and the specific people she mentions. Possibly a therapist? And if this was recorded in October, why release it now? I
know it's popular to hate Casey Anthony, but this doesn't seem like a stunt to me.

Stacey. Stacey.


nonmember avatar christine


nonmember avatar Chere

It's a ploy to demonstrate her marketability.. That is the reason for releasing it on Youtube.. it generates a count of views or 'hits'.. if she makes X amount of hits, it will demonstrate that what she has to say has legs.. don't buy into it..

Short... ShortMomma315

If it's meant to be for private use only, why is she being so vague? Just sayin!

nonmember avatar Jamie

Well,in her first diary,she did mention that she "hates being on camera" but "might as well get used to and this is a good enuff way as any" or something along those lines.someone needs to rescue her dog,by the way. She should not be in control of anyones life.she is dilousional,and lives in a make believe world in her own mind.she makes me sick.

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