Crazy Ron Paul Supporters Clean the Sky with Vinegar


vinegarGOP presidential candidate Ron Paul is notorious for his zany followers, which makes sense, given that the man is slightly eccentric bat-sh!t crazy himself. I mean, you have to be a little off-balanced in order to support someone that believes a U.S. border fence would be built to keep Americans from leaving, or that that saving the Jews in World War II was a bad idea.

The conspiracy theorists love Ron Paul. Do you think that the Bilderbergers are plotting to take over the world? How about that Israel created Hamas? That the CIA perpetrates coups over the United States? Then Paul’s your man.

Go put on your tinfoil hats, because the latest bit of insanity to come out of the Ronulan camp is a doozy. 

Do you know what contrails are? They are those streaky cloud-like trails in the sky left by airplanes. They’re totally harmless; just clouds created by the heat of the exhaust reacting with the coolness of the air at the high altitude.

Not according to some koo-koo-crazy people. They think that the government is conspiring to poison us with sunscreen or some such nonsense. But never fear! The Ron Paul supporting contingent of the chemtrail brigade has figured out how to combat the evil lines in the sky … with vinegar

That’s right. Just fill up a household spray bottle with some vinegar, and shoot at will toward the sky when the poisonous chemtrails appear. Within ten minutes, or at least within half an hour, the vile clouds will completely disappear!

Or, you know, dissipate naturally into the atmosphere.

It’s one thing to look at the government suspiciously, but it’s another thing entirely to make stuff up about vicious chemicals in the sky, and then believe you can combat them by spraying your yard with vinegar. The only thing that will accomplish is killing all plant life in the vicinity of the spraying, because guess what? Vinegar is heavier than air and will fall back to the earth after being sprayed upwards, thanks to that popular law of gravity. 

The real issue with these chemtrail slayers and Ron Paul is the fact that he won’t come out and denounce his insane supporters. Whether it’s issues of anti-Semitism or a need to squirt salad dressing at clouds, Ron Paul accepts with relish every fringe endorsement he can get. He might say that he disapproves of their activities and views, but says in the next breath, “ “If they want to endorse me, they’re endorsing what I do or say — it has nothing to do with endorsing what they say.”

At a certain point, if everyone that supports you is crazy, there’s a good chance you’re crazy too.

Image via Steve Snodgrass/Flickr

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jkm89 jkm89

Ahhahahaha, OK Jenny, you had me cracking up on this one. I love crazy people, I just love them. Spraying vinegar towards the sky to defeat the chemtrails? Genius!

nonmember avatar Christy

AHAHAHA!! I have two words for Ron Paul and his supporters...
IN - SANE !!!

starl... starlight1968

what is really sad with Ron Paul is the few good ideas he has get lost in all his nuttiness

Ari. Ari.

Not defending this at all, just wanted to say that vinegar (white) is awesome for cleaning. I use it to clean the kitchen and bathroom... also rubbing alcohol.

orang... orangetree

Where do you get this shit?

nonmember avatar Mike M

Jenny, I'd like to encourage you to write articles about people and the viewpoints you disagree with without the use of personal attacks, insults, and/or name calling in order to get your view(s) across to the readers. (For example, instead of calling people and/or their views crazy, insane, or any other kind of negative description, just state the viewpoint that they have without saying anything that is judgmental in nature. It might help if you were to imagine someone else criticizing the view(s) you hold in the same manner in which you are writing and consider if what you are writing is likely to be objective criticism [e.g., beginning with "their view is...," "they say that...," or "according to them..." and not continuing with any judgments] rather than something that might be taken as an insult or personal attack.)

nonmember avatar Mike M

I do agree that contrails are mostly harmless, though I'd like to add that as with car exhaust jet exhaust isn't exactly something that you'd want to be breathing in a considerable amount of, but as jets are high in the atmosphere their exhaust takes a while to reach the ground and it dissipates a lot in the process. Another thing is that according to the Sierra Club [from the web page titled "Beyond Oil in 20 Years"], in the U.S. cars and light trucks use about 6.4 times as much oil as planes do. So if one is worried about what's in the air they should be much more worried about the amount of automobile traffic where they live rather than the occasional plane flying high overhead for only a short while. (And burning coal produces more toxic byproducts [sometimes including enough mercury to poison people that have been living near a coal-burning plant for a while] than burning petroleum does but people are considerably ignorant about that....)

nonmember avatar Laura

I don't think the person who wrote this article even read the articles she links as sources... This is the most fabricated, non sense attack on a politician I have ever read. Next time, do actual research rather than reading just the titles of other articles and basing your little opinion on that.

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

I don't doubt the truthfullness of this article. I also read TheStir just for fun, and very seldomly even regard what I read here as true and factual, sure solely on the way it is presented.

Why can't the writers just say what happened without going on an opinionated tangent laced with name-calling?

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

Sure=based. (i hate Swype, and miss my blackberry curve...)

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