Candidates' Kids on the Campaign Trail: Good Idea or Bad?

Huntsman GirlsIt seems the Republican presidential candidates will stop at nothing to secure the nomination for themselves -- and some of them are even getting their kids involved in their campaigning efforts.

Our question for our political bloggers this week: Would you allow your kids to campaign for you if you were running for office?



The most notable campaigners this election cycle have to be the 'Huntsman Girls': With their YouTube parodies and multiple television appearances, Jon Huntsman's three daughters have gained about as much name recognition for themselves in this campaign as they have for their father.

Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich's daughter Jackie has been setting the record straight on her father's first marriage, while Mitt Romney's sons have stood in for their dad at various fundraising events.

These 'kids' are all adults, and fully aware of the kind of public scrutiny that campaigning for their parents could get them. Mitt Romney's sons have the look of future politicians themselves, Jon Huntsman's daughters have injected a jolt of fun and energy into his campaign, and Jackie Gingrich Cushman has done important work for her father, answering questions honestly about one of the most negative stories in his past.

I think it's obvious that these candidates' kids are benefitting from their appearances on the campaign trail as much as their parents. Meghan McCain made multiple campaign appearances during her father John McCain's 2008 presidential run and even wrote a blog about it -- She has since used her political positioning to land jobs as an MSNBC contributor and columnist for The Daily Beast.

However, pulling your kids into the political spotlight isn't always best for them. Who can forget Bristol Palin? She was definitely not ready for tabloid scrutiny, and I have to wonder whether her life would have been better today if her mother, Sarah, had chosen to shield her daughter from the press rather than court reporters' attention.

It's certainly food for thought.

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What do you think about kids on the campaign trail?


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