Casey Anthony Celebrates the Holiday With Another Lawsuit


casey anthonySanta hasn't been that good to Casey Anthony this year -- he's decided to bring her another lawsuit. This stocking full of coal is in the form of a defamation suit filed Roy Kronk, the meter reader who found Caylee's decomposed body in the woods 6 months after her disappearance. Kronk claims that he was defamed by Casey's defense team, citing that her lawyers used language like "Roy Kronk is the killer", "Roy Kronk is a childsnatcher" and "Roy Kronk is guilty" to help defend their client.

He's now seeking punitive and other damages, and I hope he gets everything he's asking for.

Because this was such a highly publicized case that drew the entire nation's attention, I think Kronk has every right to seek restitution. He never got a retraction from Casey's team so it makes sense that he's still pretty bitter about the whole experience. Even if he allegedly claimed he'd get "rich and famous" after finding Caylee's body, it doesn't mean that he doesn't have a chance to get what's owed to him.

Even though Casey Anthony was acquitted, she and her legal team are still culpable for any mistakes they made while mounting their defense. I don't think you can just go around willy-nilly accusing people of killing babies, so Kronk likely has a shot at getting some compensation for their carelessness.

And giving up money is something Casey should get used to -- Kronk isn't the only person who's filed a lawsuit against her. Zenaida Gonzalez has also sued for defamation since Casey once claimed that a woman with that name had kidnapped Cayley. Casey had made up the woman and the name, but there was a real Zenaida Gonzalez, and she's none to pleased by the reference. A search and rescue team is also suing Casey, claiming they spent over 100 grand on their fruitless efforts.

It will be interesting to see what Casey, who's rumored to be pitching an interview to a network that will pay her $750,000, will be ordered to fork over if the judge sees it Kronk's way. No matter what the outcome, though, it doesn't change the fact that countless people were hurt and damaged by Casey's trial, not the least of whom was Caylee.

Do you think Klonk deserves damages?


Photo via Orange County Jail



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LuvMy... LuvMyBaby22

God, she is so freaking ugly. Inside and out...but onto what the article is about...I think Klonk deserves something from the defenses countless comments and accusations about how he somehow had something to do with Caylee's death.  Also the Zenaida lady should get something too, heck...even the search and rescue team should as well! I think Casey got off WAY too easily and deserves any hardship that comes her way. Ok, I am done. Sorry, I haven't thought of that dispicable woman for a while now and when I read this all my emotions just went crazy. RIP Caylee.

CPN322 CPN322

Yes I do!!!

nonmember avatar Larry

I am so sick and tired of everyone trying to make money off Casey. Why don't they just leave her alone. Casey is a beautiful young woman who didn't harm her child, and deserves a life away from all these phony lawsuits. I hope she wins in this case, Kronk was shady from the beginning. Casey, you are loved and supported more than you know. Have a wonderful Christmas my friend!

nonmember avatar mdw

yes, i think he definitely deserves compensation for damages! And also the woman does too...since the damages to them were a result of her LIES! As for the search & rescue team...since unfortunately she wasnt found guilty, i dont see how they can :/ that doesnt mean i dont think they should...i think shes 100% guilty. But since the verdict was that she didnt do it, i dont see how she can be legally held accountable for their wasted time/efforts/money....

nonmember avatar shymom4

everyone that was put through this awful series of abuse in this case includeing Kronk, the nanny, and the bounty hunter,who where obviously scammed by casey anthonys lawyers, who i thought were cheap jerks at the most, and did'nt know how to be honest, those people should get damage money and casey is lucky she didnt get the death penalty which she deserves

nonmember avatar happy mommy

@mdw ummm the search and rescue team deserves EVERY penny they are suing for... wanna know why?? Cuz she had everyone thinking that Caylee was kidnapped, when the MONSTER knew exactly where she was the WHOOOLE time... the verdict has absolutely nothing with the fact that this MONSTER had the audacity to send these people on a BLANK SEARCH!! These people have families of their own and did not need to be bothered with this search, why? because SHE knew!!! So damn right they deserve EVERY PENNY!

Venessia Venessia

Larry must be casey anthony

colin... colins_mom

I think Kronk and Gonzalez deserve every penny they are suing for! Gonzalez lost her home, her job, and almost lost ger children with the accusations against her!! If she doesn't deserve some sort of repayment then the world has come to a sad sad place.

nonmember avatar Rick Patel

Charming Casey Anthony has displayed admirable courage & grace in adversity. Let's wish her a Merry Christmas and good luck in the New Year.

nonmember avatar mdw

@happy mommy-please reread my comment. Just bcus i dont think they would win a lawsuit, doesnt mean i dont think they should. Hell yes i think they deserve every penny from that horrible horrible person! (i wont even say woman...she doesnt belong in the same category as us) & i think shes 100% guilty. I was just saying UNFORTUNATELY i think her not being found guilty will somehow come into play with a lawsuit dealing with her lies. Lets face it, that bitch has SOMETHING on her side. Idk if its luck & knowing someone or WHAT...but shes got something up her sleeve. Before someone takes that the wrong way- Its definitely not "blessed" or a "guardian angel" or anything like that.

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