Long Island Serial Killer Case Comes Full Circle

It was Shannan Gilbert, a New Jersey prostitute last seen in May 2010, whose disappearance sparked the beginning of the Long Island Serial Killer case. In looking for Gilbert, police discovered the remains of 10 others, all believed to have been killed by the same person. And now, remains believed to be those of Gilbert have been discovered in the area.

It has been a terrifying case since the day it broke and has had police baffled, at first thinking it was more than one person, then thinking not all 10 bodies were related. And they're still no closer to finding who this person is.

But he's scary. There can be no doubt about that. In addition to killing nine adults, he also murdered a toddler who happened to be with her sex worker mom. Whomever this is, he's cold-blooded, ruthless, and sick.


Meanwhile, the sick irony is that Gilbert may not have even died at his hand. If this is her body, she appears to have drowned accidentally while fleeing the man who may or may not have been the serial killer. All they know is she knocked on a door and then fled, possibly becoming bogged down in the swamp and drowning.

If the body is Gilbert's and that is how she, in fact, died, then finding the Long Island Serial Killer's dumping grounds may have been accidental, a fluke that happened because of Gilbert and yet not at all related to her. And somehow that makes it all the more creepy.

What creepiness goes on in this area if there is even the remote possibility that one horrible incident could lead to the discovery of something so much worse?

The important thing is, unlike many cases where the victims are prostitutes, the police do seem to be taking this very seriously. So at least there's that. But unless he starts making some major blunders, he really may never be caught.

And that, perhaps, is the scariest idea of all. Gilbert's final act was an unwitting act of mercy for so many others and may be the reason others don't die. It's an odd and tragic ending, but maybe that is the part Gilbert's mother can hold on to when she thinks of her daughter's death.

Do you think he will be caught?


Image via WorldsIslandInfo.com/Flickr

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