Meet Our New Political Bloggers

Moms MatterOne thing I've heard over and over again is that you want fair, non-biased reporting on the upcoming election. You're tired of media bias and spin, and you want to hear about the candidates and the issues and decide for yourselves what you think about it all.

You should know that, behind the scenes, it is very important to us, and to me as your election correspondent, to make sure that happens. We at CafeMom are only trying to convince you of one thing -- that it's important to turn out at the polls and vote in November. Your vote is your voice, and we want all of your voices to be heard.

Leading up to next year's presidential election, though, there are many conversations to be had, no matter where you stand on the political spectrum. To help get some of those conversations started, CafeMom has put together a team of five political mom bloggers.


Each week, I'll give you an idea of what out political bloggers are going to be writing about -- they'll all weigh in on the same topic. Then you should be sure to check back every day to read what each of our bloggers has to say on the issues. We hope you'll chime in on how you feel in the comments and help keep the conversation going.

Here's this week's topic: How has being a mom shaped, changed, or enhanced your political views?

And now, meet the bloggers ...


jenny erikson

Jenny Erikson, a Conservative Christian, is a Southern California wife, and mom to two girls. She believes that America is incredible, the free market rocks, and that the government spends too much of our money irresponsibly. She's Pro-Life, thinks global warming is a hoax, and wants the government to stay out of her kid's lunchbox, among other things.
You'll also find her at The Stir


iliina ewenIlina Ewen, a Progressive Liberal Feminist, is the daughter of immigrants, and mom to two sons, ages 6 and 8. She's a creative spirit (and neat freak) who has been accused of having a bleeding heart and ideological sense of the world, but she's okay with that. Being a mother has made her a fierce advocate for education and nutrition. She believes in a woman's right to control her body, that marriage isn't reserved for heterosexuals alone, and that God and politics are mutually exclusive. She also thinks this country would be more balanced with a third party. Ilina lives in North Carolina.
You'll also find her at Dirt and Noise


nadia jonesNadia Jones, a tried-and-true Democrat, is mom to three kids. She's also a lawyer, law professor, and blogger. She cast her first vote at the age of 30, shortly after she became a naturalized citizen. Since then, she's volunteered for Obama for America and served as a volunteer Voting Protection Attorney for the Florida Democratic Lawyers Council in 2008. She lives in Florida.
You'll also find her at Justice Jonesie


christine luhnowChristine Luhnow, a Moderate Republican, had a career in TV news as a reporter and producer before switching to politics. She spent her time identifying moderate Republican candidates -- and helping them get elected. She's pro-gay, pro-stem cell, and pro-choice but wants to make sure there's enough money in the till to pay for good schools and keep our bridges aloft. Christine lives in St. Louis and is a single mother to a 13-year-old daughter and a 12-year-old son.
You'll also find her at Moderate Moms

lori zigantoLori Ziganto, a Social & Fiscal Conservative. In addition to being a political observer and blogger, Lori is a home-schooling mom to a 9-year-old daughter. She refers to herself as one of those "icky fiscal and social Conservatives." Lori enjoys an infamy among the so-called feminist writers of the mainstream press, which pleases her immensely. She also very much enjoys the evil substances known as salt, red meat, and bacon. Lori lives in South Carolina.
You'll also find her at Red State, Human Events, That's What She Said and Big Journalism.

You'll be hearing from each of these moms throughout this week -- and this whole election year -- and I for one can't wait to read each of their takes on the issues.

In the meantime, is there any particular topic you'd like our political blogging team to address?


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