Child Molestation in Hollywood: Why Is Nothing Being Done About It?


hollywood signWhat’s the biggest problem for child actors in Hollywood? Education? Momagers? Managers mismanaging finances? How about molestation and rape by the very people that are supposed to be looking out for them?

It’s that last one.

Last summer, 80’s child actor Corey Feldmen opened up on ABC’s “Primetime Nightline” about the secret that no one in Hollywood wants to talk about: 

 "I can tell you that the No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia. That's the biggest problem for children in this industry ... It's the big secret."

It’s hard to imagine a person turning a blind eye to the sexual abuse of a child, but an entire industry to the sexual abuse of a demographic? The claim seems almost absurd; too tragic to be true and too devastating to contemplate as reality. 

But recent allegations are hard to ignore. Three separate instances of alleged child sexual abuse have come to light in the past two weeks.

Martin Weiss is a 47-year-old Hollywood child actor manager who was accused by a former client (who was under twelve at the time) who claims that Weiss told him "what they were doing was common practice in the entertainment industry."

59-year-old Fernando Rivas has been charged with coercing a child “to engage in sexually explicit conduct, and also with production and distribution of child pornography. He is best known for being an award-winning composer for Sesame Street.

Jason James Murphy, 35, worked as a casting director for years on family films like Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and Bad News Bears before the Los Angeles Times broke the news that he was a registered sex offender. Not one of those ‘got caught peeing in a public place’ offenders either. Murphy had kidnapped and sexually abused a young boy. 

How is this happening? Why isn’t anyone saying anything? Is money really that seductive that people would turn a blind eye to powerful, disgusting people that steal childhoods from kids with stars in their eyes? After all, if pedophilia were to come to light, it would shut down the set, at least temporarily, if not permanently. No set, no show, no paycheck.

No child should ever be violated like that, no matter how much money, power, or fame is involved.


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mommix4 mommix4

That may explain why so many child actors grow up so dysfunctional

Sidthe Sidthe

yah gotta agree with Mommix that's would explain why so many child actors grow up with soo many problems... and you're right an entire industry? turning their back on the molestation of a child. that is just sick and twisted!!


Mommy... MommyMeggyG

This is disgusting but at the same time I am not surprised by this.

Lynn Bowling Cosentino

No one should be surprised because the general public that buys the tickets to view movies put out by Hollywood are sending the message that it's ok to do what ever you want to any actor in Hollywood. I'm disgusted by how children are placed in roles that they should never be in. How many times have you seen a child star use a curse word, yet worse still the F word? How many roles have you seen a child in that would scare you to death if you actually encountered a child in real life that had attitudes that are displayed on the big screen? Well, people, if you go to the movies and support these types of films count yourself in on the blame of abusing these children. No child should be put into any compromising situation off or on the screen. Never had I seen Shirley Temple placed in a role that would have made us gasp in shame or disbelief. I have written to congress expressing my disgust in the treatment of children in our films. Oh, don't mistreat the animals but it's ok to mistreat our children, but congress has never addressed this issue so it's up to us. Quit going to the movies and write letters until Hollywood cleans up its act and becomes responsible for their heinous crimes.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Two words: Michael Jackson.

Ok, a bunch more words. The man (and likely, these others) are surrounded by moral-less sycophants who care about nothing but their next paycheck and getting their name "out there" - whether that means fame and fortune, or just a better job. It's sick, what people will do, what they won't see, for the right price.

ashja ashja

This is no different than what happens in the general public. The victims are those whose parents ignore their own instincts for the sake of fame. There are plenty of child actors whose parents don't let them out of their sight, unfortunately, pedophiles target those with idiots for parents ala Corey Feldman who, incidentally has been the biggest media whore since he lost the spotlight. This is his way of trying to get it back. Plenty of child stars have never and will never experience this because a parent is with them AT ALL TIMES! Not exactly rocket science...

thatg... thatgirl70

Wow, I had never thought about it before, but like others have said, it makes sense. You have a lot of child actors that grow up to be so dysfunctional, and you have to wonder what happened. Not that all of them were necessarily molested or abused, but it would explain some, kwim?

nonmember avatar KWelch

I think that a lot more oversight by parents would be a HUGE way to prevent this. Parents like Dina Lohan who become celebrities by proxy of their children are also the problem. Letting your child do as they please so the checks keep rolling in is no way to raise a child. I love my son and would support any chance he had to succeed, but at the end of the day, he is MY son and I don't give a damn what some slick Hollywood exec says, I would be involved and PRESENT at every engagement until my boy turns 18. Celebrity status is no excuse for half ass parenting. Until he is 18, I am legally, morally, and TOTALLY responsible for his well being and safety. I do not take that responsibility lightly. Celebrity parents ought to learn that.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Because they are our ROYALTY! We love them, we daydream and care about them in every way imaginable. We listen to their words as though they were spoken by angels... the general masses completely forget that they are human. Human with a lot of money and a lot of power and very little responsibility (unless they CHOOSE to have some.) We put them on a pedestal and allow ourselves to be duped by them and their 'wonderful' lives. We forget that their JOB is to ENTERTAIN us, not rule over us.

Brend... Brenda.Babjak

Would this problem account for high drug/alcohol use among young actors and suicides among those who grew up as child actors to adults?  This is a very troubling issue in our country.

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