Embarrassed Old Man Accidentally Donated Life Savings to Charity


suit jacketCall me cynical, but when I hear an old man "accidentally" donated a suit with his entire life savings in the pocket, I get suspicious. Yeah, I'm thinking, Uh huh, and there's a bridge in Brooklyn for sale too, right? But gosh darnit if one geriatric hasn't made my pessimistic old heart go pitter pat!

Because when word got out that the Goodwill in the Quad City area of Iowa and Illinois couldn't recover the jacket or the $13,000 in cash, big-hearted people started pulling up the couch cushions to replenish the 80-year-old man's piggy bank. And the as yet unidentified man -- that's right, he's not putting his face on every TV station saying pity meeeeee -- issued a statement via his daughter to please STOP donating.

According to the family's only statement to the media:

Our family would like to thank each and every one of you that have come forward wanting to make a donation to my father for the money he has lost. We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity from around the world. My father's wishes are to respectfully decline any donations of any kind. He only wanted someone to come forward with the money he gave away in error. God bless all of you. Sincerely, Our Family.

OK, now hold on one cotton pickin' minute. An elderly man with a cancer-stricken wife who takes it upon himself to actually be neighborly and donate clothes during the holiday season doesn't think he deserves our help when his life savings up and disappears? Oh no, no, no, no, no! He's not getting off that easy.

He just earned himself the right to accept our sympathy and our money, don't you think? It's like the time your kid sneaks out of time-out when he really shouldn't ... because his brother is crying, and he wanted to comfort him. You can't send him back to time-out! You have to wrap him up in a big ol' hug and say, "You are the greatest, kiddo."

Same goes for this guy. The fact that the money was in the coat pocket because he's one of those old gents who doesn't trust the banks makes me want to run over and wrap him in a hug and call him Gampy ... and then shove a fistful of dollars in his slippers.

Since he won't tell us who he is, we can't exactly do that. But we can help. Hit up news station WQAD at 309-764-8888 to let them know you're not taking his "no" for an answer. Tell him it's not charity. It's a Christmas gift! And it's rude not to take a gift, now isn't it?

Have you ever accidentally donated something?


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Kritika Kritika

I totally believe this could happen. My husband hides our Euros in an old coat pocket in the extra closet. I don't know why he does this lol... 

GlowW... GlowWorm889

Poor guy! It's awful they couldn't find the money. I totally think he should take the donations; people want to help him out after his terrible mistake. It's his life savings. He shouldn't be punished for one senior moment! I, too, can totally see this happening. My grandparents had tons of coats from years past, and every few years they would collect some to give to Goodwill. Well, if you stuck $20 in there ten years ago, it's not likely you're going to remember and if you're my grandparents, you're not going to remember to check! I feel so bad for this guy.

Argentina Iraheta

If he doesn't want charity and respectfully said so, why push it? Some people have a lot of pride, and while it would be very nice if he could get his money back, he's probably the type of person who wouldn't want to trouble others with a problem that isn't their responsibility. No sense in forcing him to accept your charity just so you can feel better about yourself.

orang... orangetree

If he doesn't want to accept the donations how about instead donating it to charity in his honor?

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