5 Cyber Monday Deals Moms Won't Want to Miss


baby computerApparently I'm a little late to the Cyber Monday party, since I've never, uh, "celebrated" the, uh, "holiday" and last year, Amazon alone sold 13.7 million items (158 orders per second!) on the internet's answer to Black Friday. I'm still not completely sold on the idea (no pun intended), but, well, Christmas isn't very far away ... and this Santa could stand to save a few bucks.

So I started surfing around, and guess what? There might be something to this whole Cyber Monday thing after all.

Here are 5 Cyber Monday deals that might help make this holiday season a bit easier on your bank account ...

  1. Microsoft XBox 360 250 GB Holiday Bundle, $199, Amazon Cash in on this offer, which includes Fable III and Halo Reach, and you'll save $100. Not bad!
  2. Hot Wheels Mega Garage Playset, $25, Walmart Since this generally sells for $39.99, you could even throw in a few extra sets of cars!
  3. FujiFilm FinePix AX350, $49.99, BestBuy Got a budding photographer in the house? Snag this 16MP camera for $50 less than usual.
  4. Buy one video game, get one for 60% off, Toysrus Choose from hundreds of titles! (Which haven't been announced yet, but there are bound to be some good ones.)
  5. 60% off a "top-selling" scooter, Target They won't tell us which scooter just yet, but I'm betting its name begins with the letter "R" ...

Most Cyber Monday deals haven't been announced yet, so don't worry if none of these items match up with whatever is on your kids' Christmas lists. Word to the wise: You won't have to worry about getting to the store at the crack of dawn (or before) to avoid Black Friday-esque crowds, but items do sell out quickly on Cyber Monday, so don't wait too long to get online.

What are you hoping to score on Cyber Monday?


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bills... billsfan1104

Walmart had the 360 bundle with a fifty dollar gift card attached. Score!

mami2... mami2emily

@billsfan - that was also with limited quantities and having to fight a crowd

bills... billsfan1104

We didn't have to fight crowds. Walmarts had it very organized. We got a ticket, stood in line, and when it was ten, we presented the ticket and got our stuff. Easy peasy. At least at our Walmart.

Loraine Michaels

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No I dont work there, just wanted to share!

Vanil... Vanilla_rayne

Our walmart was just as easy, loved it!!! Didn't fight anyone, got what I wanted and left!

Akash... AkashaGermaine

You guys sure aren't in LA! That's where the pepper-spray attacker was. I didn't take the chance - I suffer from social anxiety disorder.

nonmember avatar crysk

I was also in the line for the xbox at walmart and had no real issues.

A few old ladies got excited about 10 minutes before 10, as they started unwrapping the 30 piece tupperware for 6.88 they got a little crazy. And some people were ticked off that our walmart lost the pallet with the xbox games that were on sale so they had to sell out of the doors :( I was very surprised given the big city I am in now.

Singl... Singlemomma555

Cyber Monday deals have been posted on beyondmothers.com.

Marie Killian-Contreras

The walmart by our house is the one where the Dad was shot in front of his family. To get the good deals, without the ghetto crowds, and dangerous might I add, we have to travel at least 2 hours. Next year we might just and stay at our friend's house, but only if we're buying more than one thing, unless it's not worth the time spent AWAY from family on thanksgiving to travel to a Blk Fri sale.

nonmember avatar Kylie

I can't wait for Cyber Monday. I'm going to https://cherish.miche.com to score for my Miche Bag obsessed family members lol I'm also getting some good deals from www.toysrus.com for the kids, mostly video games!

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