Crazy Pepper-Spraying Black Friday Shopper on the Loose!


black friday shopping

I know the economy is bad and all, but when shopping on Black Friday, always follow this very crucial strategy: When tempted by a really good deal on a holiday gift, make sure the cost of your bail incurred for the crime you committed to obtain said item does not exceed the discount on said item. This would seem to be common sense, but it's not to everybody, particularly the lady in Los Angeles who actually used pepper spray on competing shoppers at Walmart last night. No doubt she got the idea from the University of California Davis cop who blasted a couple of protesting college students last week. Guess what item was worth the risk of acquiring a criminal record?

An XBox 360. Which means in all likelihood, this woman is a mother with kids. What an excellent example to set for them! The woman was waiting in line at Walmart in Los Angeles, and when the doors opened at 10, she burst into the store and made a bee line for electronics. As soon as a clerk removed the plastic to the XBoxes, which were half price, she let loose her pepper spray, injuring a crowd of about 20 other shoppers, including children! What has our world come to if we would risk blinding children for the sake of a video game. We are a seriously messed up people, my fellow Earthlings.

And the worst of it is ... she's still OUT there. Stalking, shopping, and ready to fire at you if you reach for that thing SHE had her eye on first. The pepper spraying incident caused such commotion that the woman was able to grab her video game, make it to the cash register, and leave the store with her prize in hand. Police think they got a good look at her on surveillance cameras so it's only a matter of time before they nab the insane shopper and charge her with assault. Merry Christmas to her!

All for a half-price sale that saves her about $100? Maybe $200? Stories like this make me feel so much better about my choice to just stay home gorging myself on leftover pumpkin pie, waiting to order online a week before Christmas, and paying full price and exhorbitant shipping.

Have you been out shopping on Black Friday? What's the craziest thing you've witnessed?


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Senia... Seniahmom

I've never seen anything remotely crazy (as in crazy bad) in all my years of black Friday shopping no matter what store. I have seen crazy funny though! My friends and I use radios to communicate while we are "on the hunt" (we have an excellent get in, get out, get to the next store system). One year the walmart workers thought my friend was one of the extra security guards hired. So she played along and helped them out. Apparently it was one of the best organized lines/start of shopping they'd ever had!

chigi... chigirl1228

Last night was my first black Friday. I quickly realized its not for me. I did get an IPod, what I went for, but good lord the crazies. Some people live for it and well I live for my couch and night of movies with my family.

Brandt Hardin

Incidents such as these are sad and shameful for the world-view of our country.  Just 24 hours after we are supposed to give thanks and show compassion for those in need, all of this comes to surface from the Capitalist mania the public is worked into by Big Business.  I wrote an article about the true meaning behind our holiday and a warning about our national disgrace which is Black Friday at

Lindsay Christine Kelsey

Last year I went to Old Navy at midnight with my aunts and cousins....stupidest thing I've ever done, and the only time I've ever actually participated in Black Friday.  I saw three women get into an all out BRAWL over a pack of infant pajamas.  I was actually embarassed to be a human that night.

baby1... baby1love

This is what makes me scared to even go, some crazy whacko who will just bring out a knife,pepper spray etc over an stupid item.

Nicho... NicholasMama608

I went shopping but I didn't go until about 1130am and the worst was the lines.  Although Target and Wal*Mart I was able to get in the 10 or less aisle(I only had a few things at each store) and Toys R Us wasn't very long.  The worst line was Best Buy.

great... great-grandm338

grandmaGive me a break..She belongs behind bars..Next to..Sandusky who should get life..w/out parole..And this..Greedy..Greedy witch should get 360 days w/out visitation rights...

nonmember avatar Nina

Orem UT had a pepper sprayer at Toys-R-Us too! :P Craziness!

cherylam cherylam

people are crazy/greedy/ desperate... we did 'Black Friday'shopping.... at 3 this afternoon.  We picked up some great deals, used coupons and by then  the feeding frenzy had slowed to a trickle.

Racer15 Racer15

I went Black Friday shopping for the first time ever this year, at midnight. It was kind of crowded, and the checkout lines were awful, but everyone was nice. Got some great deals, but I wasn't Christmas shopping. I just clothes shopped for myself ;)

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