Daughter Beaten by Texas Judge Finally Gets Justice


Judge William AdamsIt's a holiday miracle! Texas Judge William Adams, the family court adjudicator caught beating his disabled daughter on video, has been suspended from his post by the state's supreme court. Considering the last we'd heard on the case indicated the statute of limitations for child abuse had run out, it hardly matters that the court is mum on just why Adams is off the job.

Justice feels too good to question it. Adams has been caught up in the type of scandal that would normally put a father in front of the bench rather than manning it. The 2004 video, uploaded by now 23-year-old Hillary Adams, was so disturbing that many Internet surfers (me included) couldn't watch it in its entirety. But news he wouldn't be charged left us all wondering:

Shouldn't judges be held to a higher authority than Joe Schmo? Especially when they're caught, dead to rights, on video? We're not talking about allegations here!

I've always had the feeling that statutes of limitations are put in place to make life easier for the police. There are only so many crimes they can follow up on. If every Tom, Dick, and Harry can come out of the woodwork 40 years after a crime has been committed to complain, the resources of our law enforcement will be taxed beyond belief. It's common sense.

But a judge isn't just a Tom, a Dick, or a Harry. He's got the authority to determine what is and isn't just. But getting respect means giving respect. Just like us parents who are advised to practice what we preach, a judge who is out committing crimes is destroying his own credibility.

The Supreme Court move may not fall in line with we all hoped would happen to Judge Williams, but it's certainly good for Hillary and for the sanctity of the court. Here's hoping they keep him off the bench for good!

Could you respect a judge who had committed a crime?


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Stacey. Stacey.

Yes I could. Everyone makes mistakes. Luckily, most peoples mistakes arent caught on camera.

Judges should not be held in higher authority, if we all want to be treated equal then we all need to be looked at as equal. Do you think you should be looked at as less of a person than a judge? I wouldnt want to be. A person's job does not define who they are, nor should it.

The only perfect being is God, so unless you are Him, you are a human and you will sin and make mistakes. God is the only judge we should hold to a higher authority.

AngiDas AngiDas

Nope! He BEAT HIS CHILD! Why should he get away with that?

sofia... sofia0587

Not this crime! and he should have to pay for it like anyone else would. It stupid that there is a statue of limitations on abuse!

sunmo... sunmoonandstar

It depends on the crime. This crime is not a "mistake" that should be overlooked.

jaxmadre jaxmadre

I wonder what he'll do to her now, now that "she lost his job for him."
You and I know it isn't her fault, but abusers like him don't put the blame in the appropriate place.
I'd be afraid for her safety at this point. :(

PonyC... PonyChaser

Stacey is absolutely right. We, as Americans, pride ourselves on not having the "Animal Farm" mentality of "some people are more equal than others". That's exactly what Jeanne is calling for. The Judge should be held to no more stringent a rule than a homeless man on the street. If the statute of limitations is 7 years for that homeless man, then it's 7 years for that Judge.

That does not mean that his employer (in this case, the Court) cannot find him unethical, unfit to sit on the bench, or just plain inhuman and toss him. But in the eyes of the law, he should be treated exactly the same as anyone else, video or no video.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Oh, and whether I respect a judge has more to do with the content of his character. Some crimes are mistakes, some are committed when people are young and stupid and don't know any better.

This particular judge, and this particular crime? No, I have no respect for him.

But others, I'd have to judge individually. heh. pun intended, I guess. :)

nonmember avatar Liz

And what about the mother who not only condoned but participated in this beating? She gets to apologize and be done with it?

Amanda Ricketts

I agree with Stacey.

But I also have to add, that for the daughter in the case, the Bank of Dad will probably be permanently closed. I believe she posted this video to be vindictive when she didn't get her way; and now that she cost her dad his job, she won't be getting the Mercedes back.

I know nothing outside of this video about this judge, so I cannot comment on whether or not I have respect for him.  But I do know that people will now use this as an excuse to further "regulate" the rest of us in our personal lives.

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