Woman Who Found Husband With Child Porn Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands


What would you do if you found out that your husband was a monster? This is the question Joanna Findlay of Maryland faced after she claimed she discovered a huge stash of child porn on her military husband's computer. She shot him.

If I found out that the man I married was anything other than the man I think I know, I would be shocked and furious, but she had it even worse. He was not only not the person she thought she knew, he may have been sick and twisted, to boot (assuming the porn was really there). This has to be a bit how Jerry Sandusky's wife must feel.

In Findlay's case, the shot didn't kill her husband, Gary Trogdon. He only died after he picked up the gun and killed himself, presumably wracked with guilt and shame over the photos.

It's sad, really. Men like Sandusky and Trogdon probably don't WANT to be pedophiles (assuming they are). Who would wish that on themselves? But they can control what they do. Even if Trogdon never touched a child, having those photos means someone somewhere exploited that child and he condoned it.

It's sick and wrong and I imagine I might want to kill my spouse, too. It's hard to know, in Sandusky's case, how much the wife knew or didn't know about the allegations against him, but this wife saw the evidence right in front of her. She knew her husband had a sickness and she couldn't avoid it. 

Leaving a man is never easy and we hear stories constantly about the ways in which women protect and support abusers and pedophiles. There are women who know what their husband is doing to their own children and they do nothing. In many ways, Findlay is a hero. She shouldn't get 50 years in prison for doing what any one of us might have done in her shoes.

Vigilante justice isn't tolerated in this country. But crimes of passion earn lesser sentences. And in this case, I'd say it was a crime of passion. Even Trogdon himself would agree. Clearly he thought he deserved to die, too.

Do you think she was right to shoot him?


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nonmember avatar blh

Ugh. I can't imagine what that poor woman must have been feeling...I don't think id shoot my husband but I honestly don't know what id do. Leave him of course...bout I would just be so shocked and ashamed for being with someone like that. I hope she isn't punished too harshly

jkm89 jkm89

Uh yeah, she should be punished. Just because she shot a sicko doesn't mean she should be exempt from punishment. She wasn't in any danger, she should have called the police and let them handle it. Sure, we all might want to shoot pedophiles but you know the consequences if you do.

Amanda Ricketts

In a broken system, sometimes vigilante justice is the only way to get results. If only someone had shot Sandusky years ago... or my ex's step father... or any of the crazy men that continue to perpetuate these crimes.... the world would be a better, safer place.

As long as there is hard evidence to back up her claims, I wouldn't convict her; and I think there'd be difficulty finding a jury that would.

Susie19 Susie19

She's a hero, she probably saved the lives of many children who might have fallen victim to this pervert, unfortunately thought there are consequences for those types of actions. 

Lisa Moore

This same exact thing happened to me. I called the police and left him. He didn't even do jail time he got probation and court ordered therapy. His family still lets him around their young children. I should have shot him.

Benny... BennyJacks

Good for her. She didn't care about herself at that direct moment; she was genuinely concerned about the welfare of a child over herself. If more women, if more people would take such drastic measures to end pedophilic antics... One day at a time.

nonmember avatar Karla

I saw a documentary on this. The woman was verbally abused and her husband used to control her and not let her out of the house. She also had a daughter. She got sick of his abuse and his sick obsessions with child porn to the point that she had to shoot him to set herself and her daughter from the monster he was and the hell she lived with him.

nonmember avatar Karla

** I meant to say: I saw a documentary on something similar to this.

xavie... xavierlogan09

Nope. She didn't kill him,he killed himself.

ksmom... ksmommaoffour

She should have called the police and shot him while she was on the phone.

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