The Real Reason Mike McQueary Changed His Jerry Sandusky Story


Mike McQuearyMike McQueary may be an assistant football coach at Penn State, but what he is most famous for right now is being the man who saw a young boy being raped and sodomized and did nothing. I don't care how powerful your boss is, if you see him raping a child, you do something. And now, McQueary claims we are all wrong, that he, in fact, did do something. 

A source told The Morning Call of Allentown, Pennsylvania that McQueary sent an email dated November 8, saying: "I did stop it, not physically, but made sure it was stopped when I left that locker room." He also claims he called the police. Never mind that he didn't mention his heroics in the grand jury testimony. Maybe it's true. But a more likely scenario is this: He has been so vilified and raked over the coals, he will say anything to look better.

In the email McQueary also wrote that he "is getting hammered for handling this the right way or what I thought at the time was right." I kind of get that (sort of), but I also kind of think if you see a child getting raped, you don't stay at the same school for years, especially if you are aware of the cover-up.

Maybe we could give him the benefit of the doubt (big maybe) and maybe we could say he was afraid of losing his job, of being un-hireable, of the horror of what he saw. Maybe we can give him those things. But it's awfully hard to give him the benefit of the doubt when he stayed at the school where he saw those awful things for 10 more years.

Consider this: If you knew that a person in your midst had committed such egregious, filthy acts and your superiors handled it by sweeping it under the rug, would you want to stay? Personally, I may not be able to answer what I might do in the moment if I walked in on what McQueary walked in on. I may have frozen and been unable to move. I'd like to think I would scream for help or dial 9-1-1 or, if I felt strong, I might try to physically get involved. But I know I would have left that school as quick as I could.

McQueary did none of those things. No matter how much his story changes, one thing is clear: He knew and he did nothing in the long run. He has been persecuted plenty and certainly he isn't the person who abused those children. But he didn't save them. What did that poor boy think when he saw McQueary? Did he think he would get justice? Did he think someone had come to save him?

If that boy gets any justice, it will not be because McQueary did the right thing. It will be because others did. And that means no matter what story he tells, he still looks terrible.

Do you think McQueary is just trying to save his hide?


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jagam... jagamama0710

Bullshit. What a liar. He needs to be fired as well.

Katie Hesney Johnson

McQ should have been fired, Paterno allowed to retire. What a frickin' coward. 

nonmember avatar Finnja

Paterno had much more power , he could have acted without losing his job, so his de facto resonsibility is greater, in my opinion. That said, in the sight of the grand jury report, I cannot imagine HOW McQ could possibly twist his story in a way to make him look better. But at least he takes the more difficult path now - fact is, if McQ was still be in denial / minimizing Sandusky's actions (like the other St Pennies do) that case would be MUCH weaker. Without his (kind of self incriminating) testimony many would think: troubled youths, trying to extort money from the selfless mentor Sandusky... So it is clear that prosecution treats McQ as nicely as they possibly can...

xtina... xtina6143

McQueary needs to be fired right along with the rest of the people who helped cover it up.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Frankly, I think this case is the perfect opportunity to examine the "Whistleblower Law" that is currently protecting McQueary from being fired. Because he "didn't blow the whistle". In football talk, you blow that whistle and everything comes to a stop. The play is done. Nothing happens until the refs say it does. That's not what he did. He whispered it to someone, and when nothing was done, he walked away. That's not a whistleblower, that's a COWARD.

He should be receiving at least the same treatment that Paterno is receiving. It is very wrong that Paterno got fired and McQueary is on paid leave.

And for the record, McQueary was born in 1975. That makes him 27 years old when he saw this happening. That is not a "college kid", whatever his title. That is a MAN, who walked away when he saw a child being hurt, and did nothing.

And to answer your question, yes, I think he's trying to save his miserable hide by lying. That's what cowards do.

1swee... 1sweetlea


John J. Anderson

This man is " over ", and deservedly so. Police keep records, so where are the records of his call? Very sad!

jaden... jaden_122308

This whole situation is crap I think that Joe Poe should have been able to finish out the season and retire He went to the school board and told them what McQ told him. YES he should have called the Cops when the school did nothing to help the boys.BUT HE DID NOT SEE IT HAPPEN!


Jacqueline Thoennes

I cannot believe that someone could witness a rape of a child and do nothing.  McQueary is sicker than Sandusky.   How could a person stand by and do nothing?  How about calling the cops or pulling the boy away and get him to a hospital?  Wow.  And now he's trying to cover his ass and says he did do something.  What a joke.

Mom2A... Mom2Addison12

Jaden, I agree with you.

McQ, needed to be fired right on the spot. How come Joe wasn't saved by that stupid whistleblow law?

Joe needed to finish out this season, then retire. Joe, called campus police, and campus police and the trustees and superiors did NOTHING. That's not Joes fault, Joe could've gone to the police, but it was just hearsay. And that's what they would've taken it as.

And of course McQ, is going to change his story, he wants to looik good, and make it look like he did nothing wrong.

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