Texas Judge Who Beat Daughter Is Facing Justice Even Without Criminal Charges

Judge William AdamsIf video of Texas Judge William Adams beating his special needs daughter with a belt made you angry, how about this? Authorities in Aransas County have determined they can't charge Adams -- even though he's admitted to the abuse -- because the statute of limitations ran out two years ago. It's enough to make you scream. But hold on a second, this doesn't mean justice hasn't been served.

Since Adams' now 23-year-old daughter Hillary uploaded the seven-year-old video to YouTube late last month, it's gotten nearly 4 million hits. Adams has been featured on nearly every major news station and website in the country. A Facebook page dedicated to ensuring he is not re-elected next week boasts more than 31,000 fans. His is a face known -- and loathed -- from sea to shining sea. And that's just the stuff going on outside Aransas County.


In town, his face has been removed from the county website as a replacement judge comes in to fill his paid leave. The possibility that Adams will ever return to the bench -- regardless of voters' decision come Tuesday -- is looking pretty grim. He has to face a State Commission of Judicial Conduct to explain how he can say what he did was right ... and be expected to adjudicate other family court matters.

There are rumors the judge has gotten death threats. And it's safe to say neither his ex-wife nor his daughter is a fan. So what does Judge William Adams have left? Besides his own pathetic insistence that he hasn't done anything wrong, well, nothing.

An abuser likes to blame someone else for his problems, just as Adams did when he said Hillary released the video to get back at him for curbing her use of her car. And there's nothing the classic abuser craves more than power, and that's exactly what the Texas judge has lost. He can no longer lord it over the child he once threatened to beat into submission -- unwittingly on camera -- nor can he bang a gavel with authority. He's broken. That sounds like some sweet justice right there, doesn't it?

Are you disappointed that William Adams won't be serving time for the shocking video?


Image via Aransas County

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