Texas Judge Who Beat Daughter Is Facing Justice Even Without Criminal Charges


Judge William AdamsIf video of Texas Judge William Adams beating his special needs daughter with a belt made you angry, how about this? Authorities in Aransas County have determined they can't charge Adams -- even though he's admitted to the abuse -- because the statute of limitations ran out two years ago. It's enough to make you scream. But hold on a second, this doesn't mean justice hasn't been served.

Since Adams' now 23-year-old daughter Hillary uploaded the seven-year-old video to YouTube late last month, it's gotten nearly 4 million hits. Adams has been featured on nearly every major news station and website in the country. A Facebook page dedicated to ensuring he is not re-elected next week boasts more than 31,000 fans. His is a face known -- and loathed -- from sea to shining sea. And that's just the stuff going on outside Aransas County.

In town, his face has been removed from the county website as a replacement judge comes in to fill his paid leave. The possibility that Adams will ever return to the bench -- regardless of voters' decision come Tuesday -- is looking pretty grim. He has to face a State Commission of Judicial Conduct to explain how he can say what he did was right ... and be expected to adjudicate other family court matters.

There are rumors the judge has gotten death threats. And it's safe to say neither his ex-wife nor his daughter is a fan. So what does Judge William Adams have left? Besides his own pathetic insistence that he hasn't done anything wrong, well, nothing.

An abuser likes to blame someone else for his problems, just as Adams did when he said Hillary released the video to get back at him for curbing her use of her car. And there's nothing the classic abuser craves more than power, and that's exactly what the Texas judge has lost. He can no longer lord it over the child he once threatened to beat into submission -- unwittingly on camera -- nor can he bang a gavel with authority. He's broken. That sounds like some sweet justice right there, doesn't it?

Are you disappointed that William Adams won't be serving time for the shocking video?


Image via Aransas County

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Brittany L. Ison

Him AND his wife should be in trouble over this. How come the wife isnt getting any flack from this? They're both standing there with belts in their hands!

Stacey. Stacey.

Wow, loathed? Osama is loathed, Gadhaffi is loathed. A judge that gave his daughter a spanking I have no problem with. I highly doubt that "whipping" even left any marks. Just because of one incident you will jusge this man with hatred. Look at your own life, have you ever done anything you regret that may have hurt someone, whether physically or emotionally? If so, you're lucky it is not on camera otherwise society may be berating you right now!

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

He doesn't regret it, he thinks it's perfectly acceptable to beat his children. This is not a man who should be making decisions in a family court.

nonmember avatar Jim

Given that he was once seen as a good man, and that his ex wife and daughter were seen as liars, and now he has been exposed for who he is, he probably doesn't need to serve time.

Moreover, his daughter doesn't even want him to serve time, she only wants him to get help. I think that is the real story here: despite her abuse, Hilary has grown into a compassionate young woman who still sees good in her father and refuses to give up on him.

nonmember avatar LBH

Stacy, I guess it's in the eyes of the beholder, but I didn't see that as "a spanking." I saw it as an assault with a weapon. And I am not anti-spanking. I think there are instances where it's ok to maybe swat your child's behind. That is not what happened here, not even close.

I agree with your statement about not judging, lest others judge you. WHich is exactly why this guy shouldn't be judging ANYONE.

nonmember avatar Nat

First off, why do people keep referring to what the judge did to his daughter as a "spanking"? I'm pretty sure spanking doesn't normally involve a leather belt. Secondly, this wasn't exactly a couple of smacks on the butt, she was repeatedly whipped (yes, whipped) about the legs, back, and sides. Last but not least, she has said that this wasn't just an isolated incident. She had been "disciplined" like this before.

What's "funny" is the fact that if this happened between two other people it wouldn't be okay. If a man hit his wife with a belt it would be considered domestic violence. If two random guys got into a fight and one whipped the other with a belt, he could and would be arrested for assault. But for some reason, when a father beats his child with a belt it's perfectly okay because they call it discipline.

What scares me is the amount of people trying to defend the judge's actions and I can't help but wonder how many other children are subject to this type of "discipline".

Kritika Kritika

So I guess it's safe to say she's out of his will.

Argentina Iraheta

@Stacey, it most likely was not just one spanking. If she had the foresight to set up a camera, I'd say it was an all-too-frequent occurrence and went well above what she probably deserved. My parents spanked me a few times when I was little, and it wasn't as bad as that video. But come middle school, it was better to just take away privileges. I don't think spanking a teenager does anything but make said teenager angry.

nonmember avatar blh

Stacey go watch that video. That wasn't a spanking that was abuse.

Total... Totallysmitten

Spanking and beating are two different things. I watched that video. The girl was beaten. Not spanked. I was beaten like that when I was a child growing up. And, yes, I DO have scars. My mother would lose her temper and get out of control, just as this man did. There are better, less damaging ways to discipline a child. Not only was he physically abusing her, he was verbally abusing her as well. I've been hit just like that. It does leave bruises that stay for days. Sometimes it scars. A leather belt is a weapon. Not a tool for discipline. And yes, I deserved discipline when I got it, but I didn't deserve to be beaten like a slave, and neither did she.

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