Stephen Colbert Exposes Hilarity of Occupy Wall Street (VIDEO)

stephen colbert owsI saw this while on the treadmill last night and had to stop running because I was laughing too hard. Did you see Stephen Colbert's report on Occupy Wall Street? If so, I know you feel me. It was riotous. Though Colbert usually slants liberal, he's won over some conservative fans after this interview with two press "representatives" from OWS, one of whom is named Ketchup. (I feel like I could stop there, but I'll continue.) In his penthouse suite overlooking Zuccotti Park, Colbert interviews these two like only he can with his faux-news angle, sky-high eyebrow raises, and satirical commentary that always makes you go hmmm.


Listen, I like the OWS kids -- I think they're idealist and enthusiastic -- but Colbert's expose, if you will, only solidified what I've seen with my own eyes. I spent an hour or so in Zuccotti Park just to see what it was really all about and what I saw was kind of, well, gross. And disorganized. And desperate, but for all the wrong reasons. I saw a circle of naked people drumming, for crying out loud. Nothing stood out to me as effective protest. Sure there were people with "99%" signs, but some weren't wearing pants. How is any of that going to inspire real change?

The ideas behind the protest are understandable -- less corporate greed! More help to those who need it! -- but the OWS movement is not helping. It's become completely ineffectual and more or less a joke. Colbert may be satirizing a right-wing news organization, but the time he spent with the OWS "non-leaders" (there are no leaders, no one's allowed to speak for the group) shows that the movement has devolved into a leftist freak show of people who communicate with jazz hands. Yes, jazz hands. (You'll see what I mean in the clip.)

Whatever credibility OWS once had is now pretty much gone. Without a leader, and with Ketchup facilitating the conversation, things have taken a turn so far, far left that no one, not even a liberal TV show host, can resist calling them out on their ridiculousness. Colbert's interview is a parody of the perception of the cliche of the movement, but unfortunately, I think that the cliche has become more of the standard.

Watch Colbert and the OWS protest "representatives":

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