Amanda Knox's Halloween Costume Shows She's Addicted to Fame


amanda knoxIt's the first time Amanda Knox has been home for Halloween in five years, and if you ask me, she's allowed to have a little fun. Today is the anniversary of her roommate's murder, but Knox, acquitted of the crime, is a free woman now who's more than encouraged to find a way to live a normal life again after spending the last four years in an Italian prison. But she needs to stay respectful. That's all anyone can ask. Last night, though, she didn't. Knox made a poor decision that has everyone talking. She dressed up as a cat burglar.

Almost four years to the date after Meredith Kercher was brutally murdered by a still unknown intruder, Knox's costume seems highly insensitive, borderline insane, and not just a little bit desperate.

Could she really be that clueless to think that dressing like a person who trespasses wouldn't be taken the wrong way? Is she really that daft? The Kercher family is obviously pretty upset by her outfit; the dad spoke out and said that "images like this don't help" their healing process. It's possible that Amanda just wasn't thinking, but I don't think she's that flaky.

She was in the spotlight, the headlines, and the tip of almost everyone's tongue ever since 2007. Letting go of that fame, or infamy, is probably more difficult than we're giving her credit for. There are umpteen interviews with washed-up celebs who say that they were addicted to the attention, that they turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the phone that stopped ringing, or worse, they signed up to do a reality show to try and claw their way back into the limelight.

Maybe that's what Amanda's doing. Maybe she knew that dressing up as a criminal would thrust her back into relevancy. Wearing all black with a black knit hat and cat burglar makeup, from the photos it seems like she went to run an errand in her costume before heading to a friend's apartment. Did she have to wear the get-up while the paparazzi were around?

Because you'd think she'd know better. That she'd lie low and try to rebuild her life. But after last night, maybe we're starting to see that Amanda doesn't want to hide at all and instead would rather be seen and talked about, no matter what the circumstances. If that's her goal, well, she's unfortunately succeeding.

What do you think of Amanda's Halloween costume?


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ellio... elliottjane

it's a freakin costume! all she has on is a regular outfit with a scarf, a hat, and a drawn on mustache.. really??? she's entitled to dress however she wishes to dress.

nonmember avatar Jae

Oh Lindsay, way to display your ignorance just like your fellow 'The Stir' writer, Emily Abbate (wrote an article giving Amanda flack for her fashion choices).

That is not a cat burglar costume; it's Roger Levesque, a football player for the Seattle Sounders FC.

Care to run a retraction?

xanth... xanthian41691

I agree with Elliott. It's stupid that *THIS* of all things is deemed "news worthy". It's pathetic and the girl needs to be left alone. Let her get back to some semblance of normalcy after these years of what she's been through.

Rachel Schiller

Oh lord... heaven forbid she move on with her life without permission from the ever attention seeking Kercher family.

nonmember avatar blh

If I was in prison for four years for a crime I didn't commit id do whatever the hell I wanted. In fact id dress as a serial killer just to be an ass. She has done nothing to attract this fame so I don't understand your opinion. The kercher family seems a little desperate for attention to me....going after an innocent person doesn't seem like it would help the healing process.

nonmember avatar Kensit

It's always been too much to ask Amanda to be sensitive to other people's emotions but time and time again she has proven incapable of such feelings..whether it was after or...who knows ...DURING Meredith's death!!!and sad to see the pro Foxy Knoxy encouraging such disgraceful behaviour.

nonmember avatar Truth in Media

A soccer team scarf and a face painting from a historical Brit. Give you a hint Lindsay - watch the movie V.

Oh, and I am not sure how to put this nicely, but doesn't Meredith's father know what day his daughter died on? Halloween was actually a happy memory for Meredith's friends. She died on November 1st, the night after Halloween.

Crims... CrimsonRain

She can dress up as whatever she wants.  Unless it's a costume of her with a bloody knife and Meredith's severed head, anything that tries to assign meaning to her costume is an assumption.  If anything, this might be a big F-U to the media.  Whatever it is, she's been acquitted.  The Kercher family needs to move on and look for other ways to get millions from the tragedy that befell their daughter.

Emma Graham

Um, HOW DO YOU KNOW SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE A CAT BURGLAR? She is in all black, with a beret, a scarf and a french -style mustache. Hmmm.... could she be a Frenchman? Or Guy Fawkes? This is exactly the kind of slanderous, far-reaching gossip I have come to expect from this site.

Jessica Hodges

I too would dress like a serial killer for sobbing out loud, "just to be an ass." She's been put through hell for four years for something she's been found NOT GUILTY of. She has a right to dress up as anything she wants. And the ONLY reason anyone but her friends and family KNOW what she dressed up as, was because of dumb-a$$ paparazzi. So, leave her the HECK alone!

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