Teen Hangs Herself at Haunted House in Creepy Accident

haunted houseA 17-year-old girl was found hanging from a noose in a haunted house called "Creepy World" in Fenton, Missouri this past Thursday. Since it was a haunted house and all, customers actually walked by the girl without realizing she wasn't part of the attraction, assuming she was just a freaky prop.


The teen was working as an actor at Creepy World. Before the incident, she was only using the noose as a prop. Police believe that, for whatever reason, she stood up on a nearby bathtub, put the noose around her neck, and slipped. They're chalking this up as an accident. When she was found, she was unconscious. She was immediately rushed to the hospital, where she remains in critical -- but guarded -- condition. Creepy World shut down part of the house after the accident, but reopened within a few hours. Frea-ky.

I'm with the police here in thinking this horrible thing was an accident. I mean, it's Halloween. It's a haunted house. And it's a 17-year-old. I'm sure -- I hope -- she placed the noose around her neck as a joke or, I don't know, for some other reason only a 17-year-old could explain. Either way, it still is pretty awful.

I, for one, am more creeped out by Creepy World after this whole thing ... which makes me want to go there less. A girl hanging herself by accident? That's a little too authentic for my taste.

Do you think this was an accident?

Image via Lomo-Cam/Flickr

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