'Miss Representation' Documentary Is a Life Preserver for Our Daughters (VIDEO)

miss representation documentary film posterIronically, in a country where you're told as a little girl that you can do anything, even be President someday, feminism -- or the belief that we as women should have equal social, political, and all other rights to men -- has become a dirty word. For that, who do we have to blame? Perhaps it's not just the media, but no one would argue that what we see on TV, in films, in magazines, and on the Internet is extremely powerful. In fact, those images really do shape society's beliefs about women. This is the subject brought to light in a new, incredibly important documentary, Miss Representation, which will air on Oprah's network OWN tonight at 9 p.m. EST.

So often, we think we've made so much progress as women. Look at Hillary Clinton! Condoleezza Rice! Nancy Pelosi! These are women who seem to be fighting on the same level as men in the political arena. But watching the trailer for this documentary will open your eyes.


We as women are being treated far from equal in this country, and it's taking a serious toll not only on how we feel about ourselves, but how represented we are in positions of power and influence. 

Check it out ...

WOW, right? How about that stat ... we account for 51 percent of this country (the majority!), and yet only 17 PERCENT of Congress is made up of women? How completely freaking insane is that?! I feel like that's one major stat that should make all women -- no matter what your background or political leanings or feeling on the word "feminist" -- want to get up and DO something about this.

It really boils down to what the brilliant Marie C. Wilson of The White House Project (a nonprofit that aims to advance women’s leadership) says: We cannot be what we can't see. We deserve better. Our daughters deserve better than the belief that ALL of their self-worth and value hinges on their youth, beauty, and sexuality. It's time for women to get in the pilot's seat and change how we're perceived as women. Who's with me?

What do you think about this trailer for Miss Representation? Do you agree that there's a problem with how women are portrayed in the media?


Image via MissRepresentation.org

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