Wife Cuts Off Husband's Penis & Chucks It in the River


scissorsA 29-year-old Vietnamese woman, only identified by her surname, Pan, was sick and tired of her husband's philandering ways and his physical abuse. So she did what any scorned, crazed woman would do, ehem: She waited until he was passed out from drugs and sleeping pills and cut off his penis -- with a pair of scissors. Then she threw the severed member in a Taiwanese river like it ain't no thang.

Afterward, she turned herself into police and allegedly told them that she felt no regret for what she did to her unemployed, drugged-out dirtbag of a husband.

I've always considered myself to be somewhat of a pacifist. You seriously have to wonder about woman who has the cojones to cut off a man's weenus. Lord knows I wouldn't be able to go through with something like this, no matter how much the woman-beating, philandering bastard deserved it. Cutting off a dude's private parts -- with scissors (scissors!) no less -- would probably be more punishment for me than the man itself. Shudder! Blech! Ick!

Then again, I've never been pushed to such a point of desperation in my life. I imagine women who are actually ready to go through with ... the deed have reached a place where they literally have nowhere else to go. They've been abused -- physically, sexually, and emotionally -- for far too long. I can only imagine that cutting off the thing that essentially gives men their power must seem like the only possible option to them.

Pan, who worked at a local karaoke shop to support her family, has been taken into custody on charges of assault. And you know what? I bet she couldn't care less. She probably feels pretty damn good right now.

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mommix4 mommix4

You're post is a joke. How is this funny at all? I'm so tired of the man bashing from this site.

hutch... hutchfam2007

No. There is no reason, Ever, to resort to violence.

zandh... zandhmom2

So, by your logic if a man puts up with a bitchy, nagging, aggresive wife for years, he would be justified in cutting off her breast? I was in an abusive relationship and I would NEVER have done something like this. 

Ashley Calverette

Although I agree it's never a good thing to resort to violence, if you've never been abused or in a violent situation then you have no more right to comment than the woman who posted this. Having been in an abusive relationship for over 6 years, I completely understand why the woman in this story would do what she did. I myself couldn't have done anything nearly that gruesome, but I can imagine how she could. If you don't know what it's like to be beat, lied to, cheated on, and just plain degraded on a daily basis you probably can't fathom how a woman could have this much pain and hate to do such a thing to someone. But before you make comments about how there is 'never' a reason to resort to violence,  consider what this woman must have been through to push her to this point. Consider what it would be like to put up with abuse from someone else and how YOU would feel if you had been in her shoes. 

doms_... doms_mommy

Nicely Said Ashley! Im with you on this one!

nonmember avatar mdw

im with ashley on this one. I agree its never a good idea to resort to violence like that..but although ive (thankfully) never been in an abusive relationship, i can still see how she felt justified doing what she did.

juneb... junebaby11

agree with ashley, abuse can drive u to do some crazy things

Mom2Lee Mom2Lee

Agree with Ashley.  Abuse is no joke and when your at the end of your rope and finally snap, things that seem crazy by normal standards are suddenly a great idea.

2love 2love

I dont think Shes going to feel good in the years to come... When the simple solution is to just leave... It is hard but possible and i know in some cases the idiot will chase the woman down and harm her but thats not every case. I was in a abusive relationship for 3 years the longest 3 years of my life but i still couldnt dismember the idiot because then that would be playing his game. I left and he moved on to his next victim... And i feel sorry for her.

Snark... Snarkymom

ummm, where can i get scissors that are sharp enough to cut off a PENIS!!!

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