'Bad Lip Reading' Videos Came About in Interesting Way

bad lip reading romneyMitt Romney is the latest butt of the "bad lip reading" joke and, as expected, the video is wonderfully hilarious. Romney's seen campaigning in the northeast and "saying" things like Madonna should marry a giant and that attacking the enemy with badgers and spiders is the way to go. The bad lip reading crew has parodied President Obama, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry, but those all pale in comparison to this latest edition.

Actually, I should stop using the plural when talking about the guy behind bad lip reading, because it is, in fact, a one-man show. The bad lip reader gave an anonymous interview to Rolling Stone in which he explained that the bad lip reading idea got started when his mother, a musician, suddenly and inexplicably went deaf in her 40s.


He was amazed at how his mother soon became a keen lip reader, and he'd sit around at night with her with the TV on mute and try to pick up the skill as well. Interesting, no? He admits he was terrible at first, but clearly he's gotten a lot, lot better.

And if this Mitt video is any indication, the bad lip reader is only getting better with time. I think this one's his best yet. He dubs Mitt's words with complete sentences that make sense. Granted they sound like Mad Libs, but they're united thoughts.

For example, in Bachmann's video, she says, "I went from being two banana plants up to a thrill seeking shark who sold pictures of different toys I wanted." Huh? Yes, there are subjects, nouns, and verbs, but it doesn't make any sense. Maybe that's the point since it's Bachmann, but I like that Mitt's video is more understandable.

He says, "I will force spiders and badgers on the enemy, and get 'em all to shut up." Now that's some coherently bad lip reading!

For now the man in his late 20s behind terrible lip reading wants to remain unknown, but has shared that his next target might be Vice President Biden. I can't wait.

WATCH the bad lip reader go after Mitt Romney:

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