9-Year-Old Girl Forced to Drive Drunk Dad to Store

vanThere's a dad in Michigan who believes he has the right to teach his kids how to drive. And he does! But, not when they're 9. See there's this "law" that kids have to be able to see over the steering wheel before they're able to get a license. But that didn't stop this guy. Drunk from a bender the night before, he propped his 9-year-old daughter up on a booster seat behind the wheel of his large, full-sized van and told her to drive him to the store. As you can guess, things didn't go well. And if it wasn't for the interference of a good Samaritan, things could've gone way, way worse.


An innocent bystander saw the little girl climb into the driver's seat at a gas station and called 911. He followed the van and stayed on the line with the dispatcher until the cops were able to intercept the van. And when the girl was pulled over, she's been quoted as saying: "What did you stop me for? I was driving good."

The man who called 911 was also impressed with her skills -- she used a turning signal and drove like she'd been driving for years. Let's hope that she hasn't.

The father has been arrested and charged with child abuse, and I can't think of a better accusation. According to the little girl's statement, he'd been drinking whiskey all night and then forced her to drive him to the store. This guy is out of his mind, but unfortunately this isn't the only case we've heard of where a drunk dad tells a young kid to take the wheel. Back in July in Florida, the same thing happened, only the daughter was 11 years old and ended up crashing the car into a church fence and hitting a water pipe.

It's odd that these drunk dads are coherent enough to realize that they shouldn't drive under the influence, but incoherent enough to think that letting their elementary-aged kids do the job is a good idea.

It's a blessing that no one was injured, and maybe that wouldn't have been the case if the inebriated dad was the one driving, but still, you gotta wonder about some people. Rule of thumb: The driver's seat is no place for a booster seat.

Can you believe this guy?


Photo via Jack Zallium/Flickr

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