Missing Baby's Mom Is Following in Casey Anthony's Footsteps

lisa irwinBaby Lisa Irwin Of all the disturbing twists so far in the case of missing 10-month-old baby Lisa Irwin, today's news is the most heart-sickening yet (and that's saying a lot). After nine days of silence, Baby Lisa's mother Deborah Bradley is talking again, but the story she's telling now is very different from her first account of what happened the night her daughter disappeared.

Originally, Bradley told police that the last time she checked on her sleeping daughter was at 10:30 p.m. In her announcement on the Today show this morning, Bradley admitted that the last time she saw her daughter was around 6:40 p.m., nearly four hours earlier. Oh, and by the way, she happened to be drunk that night.

It's all sounding strangely familiar, isn't it? Sort of similar to another mother's ever-changing account of when she last saw her missing daughter. Another mother who swore she didn't know what happened to her child.


Guilty or innocent, you'd think Bradley would have learned from Casey Anthony that hiding or fabricating any details regarding your own "missing" child is a huge mistake. Nothing makes a parent look more like a potential suspect. We now know for a fact that Bradley is capable of lying, convincingly. Lying about elements so crucial to the case that, had the police known the truth earlier, they might have launched a completely different investigation

Of course our next question is going to be: What else is she capable of lying about?

I'm assuming Deborah Bradley is offering an alternate version of the night's events as a sort of pre-emptive strike because of the recently-surfaced surveillance video showing Bradley and her brother buying boxed wine and baby supplies at a store around 5 p.m. Perhaps she thinks owning up to being intoxicated now is better than waiting until after somebody accuses her of committing a horrible drunk-on-boxed-wine crime.

Unfortunately, she's wrong.

With the world now forced to make comparisons between the two, Deborah Bradley just planted herself firmly in Casey Anthony territory.

In the meantime, we can only hope that little Lisa Irwin isn't in Caylee Anthony territory.

Why do you think Deborah Bradley changed her story?


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