Women Who Raped 17 Men Wanted More Than Just Sex


condomsAdmit it -- when you hear the term serial rapist, you tend to picture a man, right? But in Zimbabwe, a trio of women in their 20s are being charged for sex attacks of 17 men. When their car was involved in an accident on Friday, police found the women -- Rosemary Chakwizira, 24, Sophie Nhokwara, 26, and her sister, Netsai Nhokwara, 24 -- had a stash of 33 condoms containing semen. Ughhhh. I know!

It seems the women had been targeting male hitchhikers over the past two years, either giving them a drink with a tranquilizer or raping them at gunpoint. Terrifying! And 17 men have come forward to positively identify the three women as having raped them, so it's not just like one or two guys are telling some cockamamie story. Yeeesh. At first glimpse, you might think these women are a.) out of their minds and committed these rapes as a string of senseless acts, or b.) one of them was a totally wacko ringleader forcing the other two to go along for the ride.

But, I'm not so sure. It seems like they all had an ulterior motive.

CNN spoke with a professor of sociology at the University of Zimbabwe who said:

Some sections of the society use these sperm for ritual purposes. The thinking is that it can be used for regeneration of life since they are source of life (biologically). Some people think that they can have their bad luck gone by using semen. I am sure that explains all this we have been witnessing (men being forced).

Not that this makes what the women did any less horrifying or completely wrong, but hey, at least there's an explanation. It's still mind-boggling, because how on earth could anyone think they'd be able to rid themselves of bad luck by committing these acts? But clearly, there was something going on here -- with these women's beliefs and/or mental health -- that we just can't understand. Motive aside, these women obviously need to know what they did was totally abhorrent and should face serious punishment. The same as anyone else who had committed these crimes, male or female. Hopefully they will be brought to justice, which might bring their victims at least some peace of mind.

Are you outraged by what these women did?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

of course! they should be punished - rape is rape, even when the sexes are reversed.

afrik... afrikanmama

wow...can't believe i found this story here..its buzzing all over (i am from the same country) and suffice to say this is really unbelievable. i have heard of various stories pertaining to rituals but this takes the cup considering that zimbabwe still has a high rate of HiV infections although not as high as the early 2000s, the country rated #3.  I applaud the men for coming forward to identify these perpetrators. African men are usually egocentric and would rather "forget about it" to protect their pride. These women deserve what is coming to them, they have absolutely no shame..not to mention good hygeine, who drives around with 17 used condoms in their car....VOMIT!!! 

purpl... purpleducky

I am so proud of those men for coming forward. It is hard for any rape victim to come forward but it is even harder for men. And my view on what should happen to the rapists is not changed. I have ZERO sympathy for rapists.

jkm89 jkm89

Whaaaaaaat....the frack? Crazy.

nonmember avatar blh

Uhhh....how exactly does a woman rape a man. If he doesn't wanna do it then his d*ck wont get hard therefore...no raping.

nonmember avatar hi

Blh, I was wondering the same thing? I don't know though.

RaeAn... RaeAnne.USAF

It's been proven that a mans reaction (an erection) does not prove consent because it is a bodily reaction. It's the same with female rape victims that may become lubricated during the act. It is the bodies reaction not what the victimn wants.

purpl... purpleducky

Body reactions do NOT give consent. The body reacts to stimuli and that is all. Many rape victims orgasm during the attack. Does that mean they consented or enjoyed it? NO! It just means the body did.

nonmember avatar blh

I call bullshit. Im sorry. Why the hell would you have an orgasm when getting raped? I wont even have one if im just kinda not in the mood. Orgasm means pleasure. Rape...not so much.

Melanie Sykes

Ehh, what shall I say?

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