Defeatist Family Calls 911 When Lost in Corn Maze


corn mazeHalloween can make people crazy. Some drink their faces off and wake up on face-paint-stained rugs, some people dress up like slutty kitties when they're in their 30s, and some people get lost in corn mazes and call 911 for help. Yup, that happened to a family of four in Danvers, Massachusetts. Apparently they thought they would never find their way out, so they called the police to come and rescue them.


I'm sorry and at the same time I'm not sorry, these people seem a little dim. Granted, owner Bob Connor admits that his seven-acre corn maze is trickier this year than it has been previously, but still. Calling the cops? Come on.

The maze is a tourist attraction that draws thousands of families every year, and it usually takes people about an hour to work their way through. Connor said he was on his way home for the night when he heard the cops were on their way to search for a family that was stuck. The cops found the lost four within nine minutes of searching -- they had almost made their way out; they were 25 feet from the street.

Really, people? I wonder what made them think they had to call the police. Did they think they'd be stuck in there overnight? Did they really have no faith that they'd find their way out? And I gotta hope they tried yelling and maybe throwing something up in the air higher than the hedges a few times to get somebody's attention, or that they called the the maze headquarters ... but who knows. You'd think the embarrassment of calling 911 to say you're stuck in a maze would be enough of a deterrent that you'd claw your way out if need be, but I guess this family was out of options.

Had they stuck with the puzzle even 10 minutes more, they could be telling a funny story about how it took them a stupid amount of time to figure out the maze, but no. Instead they have a sad story about how the police had to rescue them from their maize nightmare. That's gotta hurt.

Do you have any maze horror stories?


Photo via artinstituteofpoland/Flickr

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Stacey. Stacey.

LOL no it reminds me of The Shining though for some reason.

Julie Winkler

hahaha...LMAO! This is one of the funniest things I've heard of in a while and it makes me think of this Bugs Bunny saying; 'what an embezzle! what an ultramaroon! what a nincompoop!'

I mean come on people it's a corn maze!!! You're not really going to be stuck in their!


hotic... hoticedcoffee

Oh, come on!  I  went to this maze with a few friends and our kids, the last weekend in September.  6 kids total, they oldest was 8 years old. We were led to the exit by a 6 year old and a 3 year old, in under an hour.  I suspect the family that had to be rescued often gets lost in the supermarket.... and probably in their own home.  Maybe even on their way out of the car....I can hear it now....the panic in their voices...."do we PULL these door levers?  Push them?  Oh, jeeeeezus.....what do we doooooo?????  I can see the outside of the's right there, on the other side of the window.......HELP!  HEEEEEELP!!!!!"

Agent... Agentmomyyc

LOL, yep, total maroons!


nonmember avatar Jon Ringo

The cops should have sent the K9 in to search and destroy that family. Coincidentally the K9's name would be Darwin.

Mom2j... Mom2jngnc

Wow! (shaking head)

Lisa Roberts

wow you guys are harsh! If it was me and my kids and we weren't finding our way out, it was getting dark, and I didn't have the phone number to the farm (which, who really would...?) I prob would have had to do the same thing. My son has autism and probably would have had a total meltdown after a certain point if we couldn't get out. And in the real article it says the police went in with the maze 'manager' and that's how they were able to find them so quickly- it was with someone who knew the maze like the back of his hand. yeah, it's funny to hear about, but I'm sure the family was scared and after a certain point you're going to think everyone left then what do you do? 

But then again everyone on here is perfect and it would NEVER happen to you. Give me a break.

Ohiom... Ohiomomto2

See, while it's easy to make fun of these people, having an anxiety disorder helps me to see where they were coming from.  I've been 5 minutes from an exit to several places, but not being able to see the end, set something off in me that I would die there.  Irrational?  Absolutely!, but it's the way I felt.  Now, I'm not saying that this is what happened to this family, but there are other things to say besides calling them morons, or the like.  

Dana O'Donnell

this is actually very sad and pathetic. what a waste of money, and time that could be served helping people with REAL emergencies!! 25 feet from the road?! didn't they hear traffic? why not just cut through the corn stalks? what a bunch of idiots.

Jessica Patty Ramos

The thing is - it was all over good morning america.  It was late in the evening, getting dark, they had a 3-week old baby with them, there were posts with signs, maps, directions, and a number to call if they still got lost after all of that.  So its not like they went in blind or anything, with no clue how to walk through or get out.  They had plenty of ways to get out, they were just too stupid to read!  The posts and signs were all over the maze, and there was one not 5 feet behind them that they had passed numerous times. 

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