Missing Baby's Parents Are Looking Guiltier by the Day

deborah bradley jeremy irwinIt's been almost a full seven days since 10-month-old Lisa Irwin disappeared from her crib in Kansas City. Yes, nearly a week has gone by since that baby girl vanished in the middle of the night, and still police are searching for decent leads to follow. The few tips they've gotten so far haven't turned up much:

A teenage neighbor who was at the Irwin home the day Lisa went missing and had knowledge of the garage door code was questioned and released; security camera footage of a couple on the West Coast with a child fitting Lisa's description was a false alarm.

Meanwhile, Lisa's parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, are said to be officially "cooperating" with police again, but they've offered no new information, and their own accounts of what happened that night are as inconsistent and improbable as ever.

Which is why it's getting harder and harder to ignore that nagging suspicion in the pit of my stomach ...


Look, I truly do not want to believe that Deborah and/or Jeremy are guilty of doing something terrible to their daughter. I really don't. But it's starting to look more and more likely that they are, in fact, guilty.

Particularly since the FBI staged a fake break-in through the window Jeremy Irwin said was "wide open" when he came home from work the night of the disappearance (at around 4 a.m.). Apparently, while recreating the scene, agents and detectives discovered that this was a much more difficult way to break in than expected: One detective had to be pushed through the window by another, at which point the window slammed down (rather noisily) on the detective's leg.

Noisily enough, it would seem, that the initial break-in would have roused both mom Deborah (who says she was sleeping at the time) and baby Lisa. (And, by the way, as so many moms have pointed out: Babies tend to kinda scream really loud when you wake them up out of a sound sleep. Wouldn't Deborah have heard her baby crying anyway, even if the kidnappers had made it through the window quietly?)

Also, it turns out Deborah, who's supposed to be engaged to Jeremy, is still married to her first husband, the father of her 6-year-old son. Reportedly she and her husband, who's away serving in the Army, have been separated for four years but haven't been able to afford a divorce.

There are those who are pouncing on this latest bit of gossip as still more evidence of Deborah's failings as a human being/mother (um, how marital troubles make a person more likely to murder a child, I really don't know), but in my opinion, there's no need to launch a witch hunt this time.

In the relative silence, the facts are beginning to speak for themselves.

Do you have a feeling one way or another about what happened to Lisa Irwin?


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