Occupy Wall Street Is Nothing Like the Tea Party


occupy wall streetThe Occupy Wall Street kids are protesting corporate greed on Wall Street – evil bankers and whatnot. They also love President Obama, and think he’s doing a fine job in office. Shhh! No one tell them that Wall Street donated twice as much money to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008 as it did to John McCain’s. It might shatter their fragile illusions.

Seriously, these people are clueless. They call themselves the 99%, as in the 99% of Americans that supposedly agree with them and their ridiculous “demands.” Right. Small gatherings of unwashed white college students camping out day and night is indicative of the political environment in the United States right now. That must be why the GOP dominated the 2010 election across the nation.

Some commentators have likened Occupy Wall Street to the Tea Party. That’s quite the stretch, considering the two groups have zilch in common. The Tea Party says, “Leave us alone,” while Occupy Wall Street cries, ‘Take care of us!

It sucks to be drowning in debt for a college degree that isn’t actually a magic ticket to a dream job. Or when house payments go up because someone didn’t understand what an adjustable rate mortgage was when they put 0% down on a house they qualified for thanks to some clever accounting. Or when you have to move into your mom’s basement with the cats.

But that’s life. No one can control what happens to him or her, but everyone can control his or her reactions to life’s curve balls. The Tea Party people show up for rallies on weekends and evenings, because they’re busy working, taking care of their families, or pounding the job-searching pavement during the day. They don’t set up camp at city hall and refuse to budge until the minimum wage is $20 per hour, regardless of employment status.

In over two years of existence, the people of the Tea Party movement have not been responsible for anything more violent than mailing bags of Lipton to Congress. The Wall Street goons attacked the police.

The press and Liberal leaders in Congress have vilified the Tea Party. Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called the movement Astroturf. Senator Barbara Boxer called us an angry mob. Vice President Biden stooped so low as to liken us to terrorists. What do these same people have to say about the Wall Street crowd? Ms. Pelosi says, “God bless them.” 

God bless them? They are sitting around on their hineys, demanding to be taken care of on the taxpayers’ dime, threatening and actually attacking the police, and generally whining about life, and all Nancy Pelosi has to say is, “God bless them”? 

All I have to say to the Occupy Wall Street hooligans and the democratic leaders that support them: Keep it up. Elections are only 13 months away.

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nonmember avatar Wow

Regardless of whether or not what you say is true or false, after reading a good number of your increasingly snarky articles, all I have to say is that you are an extremely bratty being.

God bless YOU and those who you taint with your vicious drivel.

Fallaya Fallaya

I agree with Wow...

nonmember avatar Liz

I might have more to say, but this is clearly an opinion piece, and opinion pieces are rarely based on fact. Please understand that you are no better than the people who vilify the Tea Party. America is going nowhere and it's because of partisan mentalities such as your own. The Tea Party is not 100% correct, and Occupy Wall Street isn't 100% correct, but you'll obviously never understand that.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

those who you taint with your vicious drivel.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ made me laugh right out loud.  Like something you'd hear at church. 

I heard about the boobs with the "living wage" for people who don't work.  How brilliant is that?  I mean, really - about $40K a year, guaranteed, from Mother Government, for sitting on yoru ass - maybe at a protest, or not, whatevs.  I guess just taking up space is about as ambitious as you need to be, to be part of the 99%.  I can imagine this conversation going on between those Shining Stars.:

Oh, yeah, man, that's so the right thing.  But, hold on, Dude....so why are we protesting the 1%....because if they can't make it rich thanks to capitalism, and pay the ass-load of taxes so the rest of us can sit around and stink, how will the government have money to take care of us....

You always wonder is an idiot is capable of an ah-hah moment....

nonmember avatar vulcanarcher

Awesome, there's finally some common sense on this site! This was clear, and well written. There are facts in here. And honestly, how long has this protest been going on? Two weeks? Don't these people have jobs????

bills... billsfan1104

LOL at Fallaya and WOW.  They apparantly dont read the vicious drivel that the other 99% of theStir puts out.  Time after time we are reminded how horrible republican women like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman are because they dont agree with you.  Time after time the same stir bloggers demean the Tea Party. 

These protestors like the protesters in Wisconsin are violent and cannot debate or protest without destroying someone elses property are violently attacking the police and then crying "police brutality".  They have their young kids out there holding up signs and screaming at the police, but then turn around and mock people who bring their kids to pro-life rallys and tea party rallys. 

So keep on Fallaya and Wow.  Keep getting your thongs in a twist becasue Jenny points out the truth. 

Mitch Hernandez

What is being contested at the Occupy protests across America is not a desire to recieve handouts at the expense of someone else. In fact, these protestors show more fiscal discipline than any tea partier or conservative could imagine. Instead of using tax payer money to bail out banks and give incetives to corporations so that they can move their wealth and operations overseas, the protestors demand that THEIR tax dollars are used in way that respects the notion of equality and that corporations, and their million and billionaire operators, are not given status that allows them to pay taxes at a lower rate than many working class Americans. See Warrn Buffets comments on tax rates for this one.

Your article here is little more than rhetoric based on asumptions. These protestors deny Obama as any sort of savior as he is in line with the monied game of politics in the same fashion Bush was. They DO seek to control what life throws at them by ensuring that government will no longer be able to so easily be in collaboration with corporate interests to transfer wealth from the top to the bottom while eroding the environment and exploiting labor in the devoloping world.

The protestors are fighting for the interests of the 99%, even if not all realize it just yet.

nonmember avatar harmony

I feel sorry you are ignorant and don't see the whole picture of the protests. They are not only fighting corporate greed, but to save our food supply and mother earth. There are many issues that if left the way they are I am sad to say that there will not be an earth where we can survive. These protesters are made up of liberal, democratic, and republicans of every race from all across the united states. It is not just college kids but professors, unions, nurses, teachers and very well educated people that are involved... I feel sorry you are ignorant to the whole picture..

bills... billsfan1104

Funny thing is that the same people at these protests and on theStir will not give a hard figure about how much more the rich should pay.  They wont give a hard figure on what is a "fair share".  How about people who hate on jenny and call her name, NAME YOUR PRICE!!!!

29again 29again

THANK YOU, Jenny!  So glad to see that SOMEONE at The Stir can see without rose-colored glasses!  I almost have stopped reading here, because it is sooo liberal now.  I am so glad that you are still here!

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