Occupy Wall Street Is Nothing Like the Tea Party

occupy wall streetThe Occupy Wall Street kids are protesting corporate greed on Wall Street – evil bankers and whatnot. They also love President Obama, and think he’s doing a fine job in office. Shhh! No one tell them that Wall Street donated twice as much money to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008 as it did to John McCain’s. It might shatter their fragile illusions.

Seriously, these people are clueless. They call themselves the 99%, as in the 99% of Americans that supposedly agree with them and their ridiculous “demands.” Right. Small gatherings of unwashed white college students camping out day and night is indicative of the political environment in the United States right now. That must be why the GOP dominated the 2010 election across the nation.


Some commentators have likened Occupy Wall Street to the Tea Party. That’s quite the stretch, considering the two groups have zilch in common. The Tea Party says, “Leave us alone,” while Occupy Wall Street cries, ‘Take care of us!

It sucks to be drowning in debt for a college degree that isn’t actually a magic ticket to a dream job. Or when house payments go up because someone didn’t understand what an adjustable rate mortgage was when they put 0% down on a house they qualified for thanks to some clever accounting. Or when you have to move into your mom’s basement with the cats.

But that’s life. No one can control what happens to him or her, but everyone can control his or her reactions to life’s curve balls. The Tea Party people show up for rallies on weekends and evenings, because they’re busy working, taking care of their families, or pounding the job-searching pavement during the day. They don’t set up camp at city hall and refuse to budge until the minimum wage is $20 per hour, regardless of employment status.

In over two years of existence, the people of the Tea Party movement have not been responsible for anything more violent than mailing bags of Lipton to Congress. The Wall Street goons attacked the police.

The press and Liberal leaders in Congress have vilified the Tea Party. Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called the movement Astroturf. Senator Barbara Boxer called us an angry mob. Vice President Biden stooped so low as to liken us to terrorists. What do these same people have to say about the Wall Street crowd? Ms. Pelosi says, “God bless them.” 

God bless them? They are sitting around on their hineys, demanding to be taken care of on the taxpayers’ dime, threatening and actually attacking the police, and generally whining about life, and all Nancy Pelosi has to say is, “God bless them”? 

All I have to say to the Occupy Wall Street hooligans and the democratic leaders that support them: Keep it up. Elections are only 13 months away.

Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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